Which Bag is better?

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  1. :heart::heart:Hey Ladies!!

    I [​IMG]am currently interested in the new CORAL Bag from Prada-

    Its either the left one with the new but slightely "grandma" lock

    or this one:


    I know the colour by this one is a bit off (far to strong) but its suppossed to have the same colour as the one above.

    So what bag would u get? The big tote or the new one??

    Both are coming out this spring...
  2. Beautiful!! Eeney, meeney, miney, mou.
  3. I like both. What are the dimensions on them? The top one looks like it might be super big.
  4. I personally like the one on the left..the tan. It's more neutral. Then again, the coral will be perfect for summer...sorry, I'm no help!
  5. I like the frame version better.I saw it IRL and really liked it!
  6. I like the 2nd one the best. It looks like it will be big, and I looove BIG bags!!
  7. Prefer the frame bag. But then again, I'm a sucker for frame bags :smile:
  8. I like the frame bag as well, coral is a hot color this year.
  9. i like the 2nd one beta, i saw it irl and it is really beautifu!!
    yes, the colour doesnt look anything like the one here, its alot softer and its also very versatile.
    it looks great when carried sling or on the shoulders with the long strap
  10. I like the second one...I'm not crazy for frame bags. I like the softer looking bags:smile: Beautiful color.
  11. I like the neutral color, but the second bag is less "old lady."

  12. Oh my goodness, those handbags are so cute! I like the tan one :smile: But the Coral one looks so cute also!!! GET BOTH. Hahaha :o)
  13. I like the frame one
  14. definitely the coral one. Hot color for spring/summer.
  15. The second one in coral gets my vote.