Which Bag is Better Balenciaga or Hermes??

  1. So I used to be obsessed with Balenciaga bags especially when they first came out. I dreamed of owning one and once I did I felt so special carrying it. Now there are so many good fakes out there that it's taken that special feeling away. I think this was magnified when two girls I know were both carrying fake Balenciaga City bags one in black and the other in a reddish color and I realized that I was the only one who would notice that they weren't real. The only reason I knew they were fake was because of the inside of the bag. Grrr. Do you think Balenciaga bags have lost their appeal to some extent?
    Also my new dream bag is a Hermes Birkin. Do you think that bag will retain it's special quality? Would you get rid of Balenciaga's for a Birkin?
  2. If you are concerned fake wise, theres a whole lot of hermes fakes as well...probably more then bbags.
  3. i would not get rid of balenciaga for a birkin... but if i have extra money... i def will consider getting a birkin.
  4. No i personally would not get rid of a Balenciaga for a Birkin. There are fake Birkins too. Like others said, if you have extra money get the Birkin.
  5. I have both! I wouldn't "get rid" of your Balenciaga - it's a great style and much lighter than a Birkin. There are fakes of pretty much everything these days... the Birkin is more "classic" than Balenciaga (it's been around much longer) and Hermes' quality reputation is much better, but you're also paying a lot more for it.

    The Birkin is definitely a "must-have" bag if you can afford it IMHO!
  6. Neither is "better" IMO.
    They both have their favorable attributes and are right for some people and not others.
    If you love your B-Bags, keep them! If you want a Birkin, add one to your collection, no reason you can't have a diverse collection!
  7. i never really liked birkin bag or any of hermes bags...
    but i sure love my balenciaga bags :P
  8. To be honest, I'm still waiting for the love of any of the Hermes bags to hit me, cos while I lust and adore Balenciaga bags, I'm still not feeling for Hermes yet. :shame:

    And maybe that's just as well since I can't afford anything Hermes as yet :P
  9. Balenciaga!

    But it's a personal preference and based on your reason for wanting a bag. I will love my Balenciagas no matter how many fakes there are and how many people have fake Balenciagas because I know myself what I have and love it, etc, regardless of who knows or not. But if you want a bag based on what other people will think of it, then perhaps a Hermes is better for you. I personally think more people tend to want a Hermes bag because it's a status symbol bag, rather than because they really love THE bag...

    But for me, a bag's appeal is not based on what other people think of it and whether they know it's real or not, so no I would never trade a Balenciaga for a Hermes bag.
  10. :yes: ITA!
  11. Hi- I'm one of the Balenciaga gals, but I have to say that both are great brands with great styles. I also love Hermes but as I think of them of more classic bags I wouldn't rush to get one. Balenciagas are very unique- even if you have a black one you know it's not the same another season's because of the leather, texture and hardware. So keep yours and try to save for an Hermes! As for the fake ones- they'll never get the " smooshiness" right, and if you come over to the Bal forum, you'll see that smooshiness is a major factor why we are so addicted to Bal bags!
  12. Just pesonal taste I guess.... Hermes for me.
  13. Hermés!!!
  14. He he....BOTH!:idea: Keep the Bals, and buy yourself a Hermes, too!
  15. If I had to choose between getting a Hermes or a Balenciaga, I'd get the Hermes, definitely...Hermes leather is like no other!!! If I didn't have to choose, than I would keep the Balaneciaga and also buy the Hermes. Us purse addicts can never have enough bags! :yahoo: