Which bag is best for travel carry on ???

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  1. I am thinking of getting the keepall 45 or the deauville for a small plane or travel purse/tote carryon. I think I am going to carry my neverfull and use as my purse on my trip...but was thinking of also taking on an extra bag on the plane with me. or...
    I may just use the new carryon and take a small pochette to use on trip. ??????

    decisions....I am wondering what you guys think....the choices are 2 bags that I really like. now....I know the Palermo GM would be good too but the price is more than I want to spend on a "travel bag". I will prob have wallet, jewelry case, btl water, camera, makeup bag, plane snacks...small stuff.

    the deaville seems easy to access for my "plane stuff" and I havent seen the keepall 45 irl yet...but size wize seems good.

    so what do you think?? pics of your travel bags are always welcome. :P

    I am not using this for clothes, shoes...or I would love the alize hrs...but out of price range.
  2. I'm sure if you do a search you will find many threads on this topic... Good luck!
  3. since you're not using it for clothing, i would say that the deauville is nice. its more structured than the keepall.
  4. Another vote for Deauville.
  5. I'd get a Keepall 45 WITH strap
  6. I see a ton of people with the neverfull. And, its so nice and roomy you can put a lot in there. However, your probably like me and don`t want to use it as luggage because it doesn`t zip. In that case a keepall would be great.

    I LOVE my pochette when I`m traveling or just in general. I put all my ids and cards in there and am set. I can even fit my cell phone and lip gloss in there. Just make sure you aren`t bogged down with stuff. If your carrying a bag, a neverfull and a keepall you may end up regretting carrying all the *stuff*. Then again, I am a minimalist! And, have two rowdy two year old boys to chase after...
  7. i was thinking about keepall 45 as well. will have to try it on in person. good luck :smile:
  8. Neverfull or Carryall :heart:
  9. I have a Deauville and I think it would be too small for traveling. I think the Keepall 45 would be a better choice: it's not super huge, but it's still big enough to carry a lot of stuff inside as well as a jacket. Or you can buy a Carryall (I have this one but I rarely use it even though it's about equivalent in size to a Keepall 45.)

    I would then recommend also taking the Neverfull GM with you as your actual purse, but you could always bring a pochette or an Eva, or another smaller purse with you. Remember, you can always take stuff out of the Neverfull GM and leave it in your hotel room (lock it up in your suitcase) and then tuck in the sides of the Neverfull to make it into the smaller shape. Then, it won't seem like you're carry a huge bag.
  10. I'd get wither the Keepall 45 WITH STRAP or the Carryall. If you don't need that much stuff, then a Speedy can work too
  11. I have a neverfull MM....that was my orginal plan but I like the structure of the Deauville and the Carryall (but like the lower price of the keepall)

    I guess really I have always wanted a travel bag but never bought one because I wasn't sure if I would ever really use it. I tend to carry light on the plane (hubby carries laptop) when I check luggage. So I usually carry a large purse with my plane essentials.

    I guess I am searching for a reason to but one of those bags...:graucho::Push::P
  12. ^^You may want to check either the Carryall or if you call 1866, have them locate an Alma MM in mono for you.
  13. If you use your Neverfull MM just tuck a scarf or pashmina in on top of your stuff to keep it from falling out on the plane :smile:
  14. The Deauville is a great purse, I think it is kind of small for a carryon. Why not get a 55 with the strap? It is a nice size, fits on a plane for carryons, and you can take as the only luggage for short trips.
  15. The Deauville or Carryall! both great bags! classy!