Which bag is a MUST for any bag lover?

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  1. Ok, which bag do you think its imperative to have in your wardrobe?
    A bag which you cant do without, which you love and which you will use for EVER!!

    Lemme know lemme know!!!
  2. For me its my LV Speedy. I can dress it up or grab it with sweats. One I know I'll always use!
  3. I like my smaller coach signature, its holds just the right amount of stuff when I'm in a hurry, and goes with anything. I love satchels and totes, but I also lose things in them alot, the coach is just so convenient.
  4. the LV speedy is a must for any bag lover in my opinion.
  5. LV speedy, hobo, black bag.
  6. Definatley a Louis Vuitton speedy 30, it can be dressed up and worn casually everyday.
    Classic Timepiece:heart:
  7. LV speedy is a good one, I agree wholeheartedly. One that comes to my mind (although I don't have one...yet) is a black Chanel flap. They're classic, and beautiful.
  8. I like my Coach pleated hobos (brown and black) for everyday use. I have to have a bag that I can be a little hard on during the week since I work at an elementary school.

    I'm not a fan of the Speedy style because I like shoulder bags, but I do like the look of a classic LV monogram bag.

    For dress up I like the older Chanel styles or a Tom Ford Gucci bag like the now d/c'd Blondie.

  9. I would have to say a LV Speedy, Balenciaga Black City, and Chanel Jumbo Flap. =)
  10. i think it is different for everyone.
  11. For me, I love my cabbas mezzo tote, but I imagine there are many that could live without it.
  12. Metallics, if you don't have any yet. These have now attained classic status, and they have become Official Neutrals.

    So if you can afford it, both a gold and a silver, or variations thereof.

    And depending on the color palette of your wardrobe and yourself, if you can afford more, something in a copper/rose gold leaning tone, and a darker silver-oriented one in something like pewter or gunmetal, basically a metallic gray.

    I was supernaturally lucky, not to mention smiled upon by all applicable deities, djinns and spirits (see link below)


    and mine is gold or silver, depending on the light and what it is supposed to be that day, so if you are poor, something whose color can do that trick is ideal, but failing that, look for a gold and a silver, each of which are as flexible as possible, which means simple, classic lines that can be casual or "dressy," depending on what you have on.

    Think of the most casual clothing you ever wear out of the house, and imagine the bag with that. Now think of what you wear when you are as dressed up as you can possibly get, and imagine the bag with that. It is not enough that you do not go "ew" upon imagining both. You must go "oooh" both times or it is not the right bag.

    Whether you are rich or poor, and can afford one or two or a dozen metallic bags, choose each one keeping those color palettes, both wardrobe and self, foremost in your mind, and if you do not look at yourself holding bag candidates in a mirror as a matter of course, it is imperative that you do this with metallics, because of the increased amount of light reflection activity that goes on. I suspect the involvement of Science, but whatever it is, the wrong color metallic bag can do things to your complection, and if your hair is a color, as opposed to basic black, it can do things to it too.

    And to your clothes, and it will do it in all different kinds of light, and there you are looking at it in store light, which is found nowhere else, so you are going to have to do a lot of extrapolating and contemplation.

    This is why it is best to buy metallic bags when the weather is cool, so that you can layer clothing items in different color families, etc and look in the mirror holding the bag and wearing those various pieces. Take someone along to hold your layers if the store does not have little benches or cooperative salespeople in the bag department.
  13. It would have to be the Chloe Paddington hobo i've yet to buy!:graucho:

    I've got a paddington satchel already, but i'm just itching for that shoulder strap which i know will make life sooo much easier for me.;)
  14. For me it would be the Franky Boyy Bag in Pitch Black Leather. I love it.
  15. I agree with the LV Speedy. It's such a classic piece.