Which bag in which colour - wanna help me out?

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  1. OK. Rounding out my collection here, and I have a decision to make. I know I want a Blue Jean bag. I know I want an etoupe/gris touterelle bag. I'd like a 28 retourne Kelly and a 30cm Birkin. Which bag should I go for in which colour? Fesdu's BJ 28 Kelly makes me swooooooon, and the two 30cm etoupe Birkins on eBay make my heart skip a beat, but I could do either bag either way - the idea of a 30cm BJ Birkin is YUM, and an etouep 28 Kelly - :drool: .......DILEMMA!

    What would YOU go for?
  2. Just as you said, blue jean for the 30 birkin and etoupe for the 28 kelly. What hardware? Palladium for the blue jean birkin and gold for the etoupe kelly?
  3. I know an Etoupe Birkin makes me swoon! Maybe you´ll get that one.
  4. I have a 30 BJ PH and I love love love it. So I'm gonna say BJ Birkin and Etoupe Kelly PH.

    GF, I think Birkin is a more casual bag than Kelly (yes even in retourne) and I think BJ is a more casual colour to go with that. An etoupe Kelly you can dress up or down IMHO.

    But wow - great options whichever way you go :nuts:
  5. etoupe 30cm birkin and blue jean 28cm kelly :smile:
  6. You're not a Lindy fan are you GF?
  7. It's a difficult question, K!

    When I think of Blue Jean Kelly, I think of Fesdu.

    When I think of Blue Jean Birkin, I think of Queenie.

    When I think of Etoupe Birkin/HAC, I think of asa/tricia.

    When I think of Etoupe Kelly, I think of the gorgeous Etoupe Chevre Sellier Kelly at my store.

    Either colour in either style is still a winner!:yahoo:
  8. Hey, K! Do you not have a 30cm Gris T Birkin on order at your store?
  9. I had the pleasure of seeing a BJ Kelly and a Gris T Birkin at the same time at my store recently. Both were perfect! Frankly, you can't go wrong with either combination.
  10. BJ Birkin and gris tortourelle Kelly.

    I would even go so far as to SO the BJ birkin with GH. I'm one of the few who likes the GH/BJ combo too.
  11. Tough one!

    I do love the idea of a BJ Kelly though...it would be sweet!
  12. GF, to quote mrssparkles, both colors in both styles are winners all around. :smile:
  13. GF I saw a lady carrying a BJ birkin 30 PH clemence yesterday, so lovely, I couldn't take my eyes off her bag! I have tried on an etoupe birkin, pretty too but I vote BJ birkin!!!!:drool:
  14. gris tourtelle -- Birkin

    BJ -- Kelly
  15. I agree with the majority - BJ Kelly and etoupe Birkin. You would look gorgeous with both!