Which Bag In Aubergine?

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  1. Alright, before my mindful gals get on me I want to explain that I am being mindful! LOL! I am smitten with aubergine. Cannot take my mind off it! I'm a mess! My goal for 2009 is to keep a small collection. I currently have 1 RM mini nikki in rose that I'm keeping and 4 BEs; a medium Hug Me in choco glossy, a TME Midi in matte chocolate and arriving in February a WTM Midi in yellow sheen and a TMA in tan. I am beyond thrilled with what I have and what's coming! But I must add aubergine! There are some aubergine bags being produced so I am assuming that the 10% off during production. Anyway, I am seriously considering an aubergine bag. My question now is, which one? Here's my choices:

    1) MMS Midi. Don't own one of these nor have this style on order. I like the look but is it too dressy for me? I am a jeans and tee shirt kind of girl. Very casual! My bag is the only fancy thing I carry, not my shoes, not my jeans, not my jewelry (although I own nice pieces I am a simple, minimal girl). Is this style for me?

    2) WTM Midi. I love the look of this bag! I love the versatility of it and the way it looks modeled. I have one on order but it's a light color so could see that a dark color would be awesome in this style too. Having 2 of the same style is the only thing keeping me from going for this style.

    3) TMA. I also LOVE the look of this bag! I love the pockets, the drawstring, the slouchiness of it and the straps! It's a gorgeous bag! I owned one so know that it works for me although it is a big bag! I have a tan one ordered but think again that a dark one would be great to have as well.

    So, help me think through this! The MMS Midi could be sold out as there were only a couple left so that may leave a choice between only the WTM Midi and TMA. I won't know until Monday though probably. Anyway, share your thoughts with me! :graucho:
  2. MMS midi first...and WTMMidi second....The MMS only looks dressy in stock pics. I lovingly referred to it as "The Queen Mum" bag until I actually had one. It is not what it appears in stock pics. It smooshes down and IMHO a very casual looking bag......This was the BE sleeper which won me over. So much in fact I ordered a cobalt one.
  3. LOL! The Queen Mum bag!! I did search through threads looking at lovely pics of the MMS Midi and found a wine and purple that really sparked my interest! If I were to get this style I do hope it would soften and be smooshy!!

    I was considering the Charm Me actually until my eyes fell upon the MMS Midi!
  4. I would go with the WTM midi. I just got one and I love it! It's so different and can be worn in many ways. It can be dressed up and down. I love the MMS midi too but the WTM midi is just such a cool bag!
  5. I also would think MMS midi. I don't think it's all THAT dressy. I have an MMS in chocolate crash, and it's HUGE! But great for traveling, and use it to transport my laptop, then out with the laptop and it's a gorgeous handbag all over again. I saw an MMS midi in person in a shop, and it seems a perfect size. Big enough, but not as HUGE as the reg size MMS.

    I love throwing my MMS over my shoulder. I haven't used the shoulder/crossbody strap and am not sure how it will look. It's a cute bag. The zip pocket on the outside is quite handy.

    This way you'll have an array of GREAT styles....not to mention sizes. When you get ready to add another BE, then you will know for sure if you want another WTM midi.
  6. Well.....you know what I would choose (um the TMA that I am obsessed with) but you will already have one I those. So I would go for the MMS midi since you don't have anything in that OR I would maybe choose a full size WTM or regular size HM. You know those styles work for you so why not get one in a different size?
  7. Whatever you do, do NOT listen to Lizardo!!!!!

    Get the WTM hands-down!!! You already have a Tan TMA coming and have gorgeous BE's listed above......yep.......get the WTM....you'll thank me...you'll see ;)
  8. Up to your old tricks I see Contessa.......here have a :drinkup:
  9. Ahh......you have an eloquent and very fine way of shutting me up Lizardo! ;)

    Don't mind if I do!
  10. I'm still having a hard time imagining the look of this color and leather. I don't think the MMS is too formal either. It might be nice to try a style you don't have though. Have you considered a TME or TME midi?
  11. i think a MMS aubergine. This bag is a real surprise. It is elegant but casual. I specifically bought my petrol as a casual match for jeans but i find i also wear it to work. I think it would look great in aubergine and personally i like to get different styles as well as colours. You dont have a MMS and I personally think you would get a lot of use out of it and that you would be astonised how pretty it is IRL!
  12. ITA! I thought I would carry my petrol MMS casually but was pleasantly surprised to find it's polished enough to carry for work.
  13. TL....weren't you also considering the wine pebbled glossy?? Or am I :wacko:

    Anyway, I wrote to Rose to ask her about the wine pebbled because I am hoping for get a HM in it or a TMA and this is what she wrote back:

    Jackie and I both think the pebbled glossy leathers are quite nice in the large Hug Me style. It could be a bit heavy in the TMA style. Perhaps you might like another WTM instead? They are also rather gorgeous in pebbled glossy.

    So, maybe you need the WTM!!!!!
  14. Hey, vixn! I believe someone was trying to entice me with wine pebbled glossy and it would be tempting because I love my choco glossy but I want a more purple toned bag than red. I need to go look at more modeling shots of the regular WTM to see what I think of it.

    Anyone know if pre-orders are returnable? I know bespokes aren't but if we're pre-ordering from the Spring line can they be returned? I'd hate to return anything but maybe I'd be less chicken in making a decision if I knew if I could return it. Ya know?
  15. Here's another idea! What about a Hug Me (regular size) with longer handles? Remember this bag:


    from this thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/belen-echandia/hug-me-midi-with-longer-straps-400178.html

    It's Piky1's regular Hug Me with a longer drop length. I would like to do the exact same bag in aubergine! What do you all think? I love my Hug Me and this would give me another size Hug Me that could be used as a shoulder bag!! Opinions?