which bag?? help!!


which one should i get?

  1. Gucci Britt Tote with shoulder strap - black leather

  2. LV Black Denim Neo Cabby GM

  3. Chanel Baby Cabas in black leather

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  1. hello everyone!! i know this is the gucci thread but i need help deciding among these 3
    wonderful handbags!!! Anniversary is today but hubby said we can go pick out the one
    i want tomorrow and we're also celebrating tomorrow as well. I have an uncle visiting
    from Asia, and he leaves tomorrow, so we didn't want to take time away from him. So
    anyway, out of these 3 bags, which one would you pickkkk??!!! im so confused.

    1. Gucci Britt Tote w/shoulder strap - black & gold

    2. LV Neo Cabby GM - black denim

    3. Chanel Baby Cabas - Black caviar leather [i would have to call around for this one due to availability]
  2. Oh my gosh!!! what a hard decision. hahahaha I love both 1 and 2 because those two are actually on my wish lists most especially the LV Neo Cabby in Black Denim. Man, i'm not much of a help cause I can't decide myself in order to help you decide. :upsidedown: argh!!!

    Anyways, i think i'll go with #2 just because i'm head over heels with that bag right now. BTW....Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!
  3. DARN!!! i just looked at the Chanel Baby Cabas again and now i'm really TORN! :girlsigh:
  4. AAAAAAAAAAAAAah, I just oredered Gucci Britt online, so my vote goes there :okay:

    Good luck.
  5. I didn't vote b/c I like all your choices. Mine is between the chanel and the gucci. I love, love, love that gucci and I actually want it myself. The chanel is also great. Well, I guess I might go for the chanel b/c the gucci might eventually go on sale and you could possibly get it cheaper. Good luck deciding and happy anniversary!
  6. Chanel hands down.
  7. Thanks everyone for voting!!! im leaning towards the LV or the Chanel :confused1:
    there's only one cabas left and i also have the cabby on hold. Luckily its at NM so i can compare the two at the same time!!! and maybe they'll have the britt there too. i'll post pics up tomorrow when i get home :smile:
  8. Chanel cabas gets my vote. Good luck!!!
  9. I would choose 2 or 3. I have a similar bag to #1 (brown with green-red signature web inside the gold Gs). I like the Chanel but don't like wearing logos (ahh and I just said I have a version of that Gucci Britt..lol) and I like the LV but I usually don't get LV bags because they are known for luggage not bags. So torn between the two! Maybe I'll come back later to this thread to vote on either 2 or 3. My mind keeps changing anyway.
  10. Chanel!
  11. chanel!
    the cabas is the only Chanel bag that i like! (for now hehehe)
  12. I like the Gucci or the Chanel. I really love the Britt! (And I just bought my first Chanel, so I'm not biased toward Gucci)
  13. hey everyone, thanks for helping me decide. i just got back from NM and i ended up getting the chanel cabas.... but i saw the GST and im really liking that too. So im going to sit here for awhile and decide if i want to return it for the GST. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions... aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
  14. Oh I LOVE the GST!!! Get that!! I really love the chain straps!
  15. Funny that Chanel is winning and Gucci is losing!

    I voted for Chanel - it seems more timeless, but the Gucci would be my 2nd choice.