which bag haven't you used yet?

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  1. i know there was a thread awhile ago, and many of the ladies mentioned that they've yet to use alot of their summery/springy bags...curious if they've been used by now.

    i've been really good, i've used all my bags, except for the outdoor flap which i just received and the strap is fraying already, i'm trying ot resolve this problem w/ my SA, but so far i've quite disappointed w/ her lack of concern for this. anyhow, let's hear about yours...
  2. hmmm...I have a few. Haven't used my black baby cabas (will wait until fall), my white flap or blue cc tote. I plan on using the flap and cc tote this summer though.
  3. what size is your white flap? it must be gorgeous.
  4. Sorry, I should have been more specific. This is the flap bag from the luxury line. I think there is only one size. I really need to use it. I guess I'm always afraid I will get it dirty.:s
  5. Offwhite East west flap with MM lock ..and bags from some other brand
  6. OMG, i want one in bordeaux...can i ask how much is yours? and where you got it from? thanks soooo much!
  7. I use them all.
  8. it doesn't look like the classic flap right? i think i know whcih one your'e referring to, i had no idea it came in white. must be very pretty
  9. Hmm... I haven't used my green perfo E/W (it had a broken strap issue :push: and my mom exchanged it for me when she happened to be in NY - and got me a black Jumbo too :tender: :nuts:), but I'm thinking I may return it and get a white MM lock E/W instead.... I'll see on Wed. :smile: I haven't used my black caviar Jumbo, pink Medallion tote, dark chocolate VL tote, metallic black luxe bowler, or light silver 225 reissue as of yet. :smile: Hopefully I can show 'em a little more love haha. :p
  10. omg! your collection sounds absolutely amazing, do you know what the e/w mademoselle retails for? and congrats on the pink medallion tote! the price makes it even sweeter, doesn't it?
  11. Ohhh gorgeous, this is the bag I'm thinking of getting. :tup: Sorry to be OT haha, but how are you liking yours? The bag have more of a "dirty white," or greyish cast to it because of the distressed leather, right? Thanks! :p

  12. I love to look at my new bags for a while, just because they're shiny and new and all wrapped up in tissue paper and Chanel ribbon. Does this make me sound mad!!!!!
  13. My timeless clutch and jumbo flap are not getting much love right now. I am sure will use the jumbo flap more in the F/W.
  14. you're green perfo is so cute!! don't sell her minal!
  15. Aww, you don't think I should? I was thinking of exchaging her for the white E/W MM lock (I remember you posting about how much you like that bag in the Shopping section), and it caught my eye there! :smile: I do love the green, it's very standout and cute, but I'm just trying to think if I will carry it in 5-10 years. I guess I can always use it as a summer bag whenever, but I don't want to look too old for it, or stupid while carrying it. :sad: