Which bag has most class ?

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  1. Speedy 35 :confused1: or Batignolles Vertical :shrugs: :?:
  2. Batignolles Vertical. I think Speedy is very casual.
  3. A bag that sag' won't look very classy in time. But it doesen't really matter for a casual look. I don't really think the monogram canvas is the classiest material LV has though..
  4. out of the 2 i think the BV but iv just got back from lunch with the BF and i saw a lady with a damier knightsbridge and it looked beautiful. think it might be added to my want list
  5. Out of the two choices, I believe the BV.
  6. To be quite honest, I don't really understand your question: are you looking for a bag that will remain "classic" longer or that will make you loook classy?:confused1:
  7. :shrugs:

    I was wondering that as well.

    IMO - the Speedy will remain "classic" longer but it is definitely more of a casual looking bag.
  8. If your looking for something classy, I would say any bag in damier or epi. Understated yet classy.................

  9. ^^:yes:
  10. :yes:In my opinion, lock-it in white suhali has the most class!:yes:
  11. I agree
  12. H_Addict, you hit the nail on the head for me too... The question posted isn't clear... It almost sounds like someone wants to buy class which we know cannot be done... I don't care what one buys, owns or wears. Class exudes from an individual... Either one has it or she/he doesn't. JMO.

    A classic bag on the other hand is just that-one that has withstood the test of time yet is still most appropriate in the here and now. I feel that the monogram Speedy is a classic bag. I also feel that the Damier pattern in and of itself is classic. Of course opinions will vary.
  13. ITA!!!!:yes: :yes: :yes:

    I saw a girl with a monogram lockit pm today, it looks very classy as well. Lockit is my new favorite shape now.

    Back to the question, I think the bagtinolles verticle looks more classy.
  14. black epi speedy...classy and elegant
  15. ITA