Which bag had red leather inside?

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  1. My daughter asked me this question as she is looking for a bag with a COCO Chanel story~ IE the red symbolizes the uniform color Coco wore in the orphanage.

    I'm sorry I don't have the answer as most of my bags are pretty trendy, but I do know that some bags are made like this~

    Is it the classic flaps?

    If so what sizes?

    Any info would help~ TIA!:flowers:
  2. Two of my bags have a dark red lining inside:
    -Medium Caviar Flap in Black
    -Cotton Club Reporter in Silver/White (forgot the actual name of the color)

    Both were from a few years ago. Hope that helps!
  3. The classic flap, with the interlocking CC closure and chain interwoven with leather, was introduced by Karl Lagerfeld in the 1980's.

    Coco introduced the 2.55 (in February 1955).
  4. my vintage jumbo classic has red leather inside.
    it's from year 90something
  5. Hey thanks everyone. So of the bags being made today, it is mostly the classic flaps that have it?

    Both caviar and lambskin? Or just lambskin? She is looking for a black flap with red interior.....:yes:
  6. Just the lambskin
  7. My vintage jumbo has red interior.
    The matte black reissues with double flap also have a red interior.
  8. The black lambskin accordian bag also has a dark red interior. I think the navy does too.
  9. You are all so knowledgeable! I think she wanted the red inside a flap, but is going to have to pass on the lambskin (she wants a really durable leather). She’ll get a caviar flap instead (black w/ black interior). Thanks soooo much!