Which bag???: Gustto or Luba J????

  1. I was wondering if anyone would mind helping me decide what handbag to get for the fall/ winter?? I've saved some money and want to get a cool, unstructured brown leather bag. My two main picks right now are the Gustto Baca (either large or small) and the Luba J Balloon bag.. Which do you like better?? Any other suggestions?

    small in vintage brown


    I like caramel too... this one is labeled as orange but looks similar to the caramel color...I cant find a good caramel pic....

    Luba J:


    I think I would either get the above bag, or maybe the same bag but in the following color:


    What do you guys think???
  2. I love the Gustto bag, but I haven't gotten one because it seems hard to carry with those handles. I like Luba J Geckko (sp??) bag better than the two you posted (see Luna Boston). The balloon bag doesn't have any cell phone pockets, and I hate that.
  3. I like the looks of the Gustto better...but do a search on the site for both Gustto and Luba. You'll find interesting info..I had asked about the Baca a few weeks back and the feedback was primarily negative, that was what convinced me not to spend the money on it...good luck!
  4. i have the Luba J challah bag, which is the smaller version of the balloon, and i love it. my best friend has the balloon and said that it is the perfect everyday bag.
  5. I like the Gustto, but like DiamondGirl1 said, I've heard negative reviews.
  6. Thanks everyone! I was all about the Gustto until I saw the Luba J. I like one handle rather than two usually. I have been thinking more and more about the Luba...and your replies have helped confirm that=) Thanks =)
  7. i like the luba j. i saw a gustto in real life and just wasn't impressed with the way it carried.
  8. i like the second bag, the luba j
  9. Where did you find your luba J bag? No where around here sells them...I can only order offline. What's the leather like??
  10. :dftt: This thread was started in 2006. Stop dredging up old threads to promote your website.
  11. The pics you showed for the Luba J bags are an older style....notice the intertwined handles and the newer versions have an overlapping leather piece that makes it more practicle.....also, I think they have improved their hardware. I would definitely stay away from this older version. Do a search for Luba J gecko as well as the balloon - there's lots of info out there.
    Feng Junk (?) has some on sale....and they are the newer versions. LUV the look and ugh - haven't bought cuz I've bought way too many bags lately.
    Good luck and hope this info helps!
  12. I guess I'm in the minority, but I have the baca and absolutely love it! It's a soft ball of mush that holds a ton and the straps are very comfortable.
  13. I will join you, purseinsanity, on the side of the baca.

    I have 2 'small' bacas and they carry great and have the softest leather ever. They hold a lot of stuff too.
  14. I prefer the Luba J personally. I think that their purses are more funky and individual.
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