Which bag for Xmas: Ursula or Baggy GM?


Which bag for Xmas?

  1. Blue Denim Baggy GM

  2. White Multicolore Ursula

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm getting myself a bag for Christmas and wanted you all's opinion. Which bag do you all like better, the white multicolore ursula or the blue denim baggy gm?:s
  2. i voted for the ursula
  3. baggy since its been discontinued.
  4. ursula, it is more chic in my opinion
  5. while the ursula is absolutely gorgeous, I think the baggy is MUCH more practical! either one's a good choice though! :tup:
  6. Ursula.
  7. whoa its 50/50......ursula..ursula
  8. ursula!!!!!

    i returned baggy twice (PM and GM.... i know, i'm a bad girl....) --- couldn't really fall in love with them....(but i was pressured right before the price hike!!!)
  9. Ursula! She's a beauty!
  10. the Baggy GM gets my vote :yes:
  11. Ursula is a stunning bag.
  12. Its close, but I see a lot of people are voting for the ursula. Does anyone know how the ursula looks with a little patina? If so, pics? I plan on using which ever I choose as an everyday bag for a while, then I'll probably start switching it up with some of my other bags. I know the baggy looks good with patina, since I've seen it IRL with a nice honey and it looked great believe it or not.
  13. ^ I know what you mean. The whole denim line looks better with a patina- gives it that really nice lived-in look. While I prefer the Ursula, if you plan on getting both at one point or another, I'd get the Baggy first because it has been discontinued and will only be harder to find the longer you wait.
  14. I love the sexiness of the ursula ... so she gets my vote!
  15. I just prefer the look of the Ursula because it's more dressy.