Which bag for work?


Feb 12, 2006
Hey guys, I have a tough decision to make- I need a bag for work, and I'm currently looking at the MC batignolles vertical and horizontal, the Damier Ribera MM and the Duomo. Which one would you guys get?
While I really like the look of the Damier Ribera MM, it is large and bulky (this is not a criticism: I was just referring to the fact that it's structured) - I don't know if you'd need something of that size to take to the office (unless you work in construction and want this bag to put big heavy tools in, lol!)
Out of your four choices, I would personally go with the Duomo.
Thanks for the input- from pictures, I thought the Duomo would be heavier but I'm glad to learn that it's not. I love the fact that it has brass feet- that's always a good thing. It's definitely my favorite of the 4, but it's also the most expensive. I was leaning almost as much towards the batignolles because I just love the shape and the fact that I can carry them over my shoulder.

Does anyone use the batignolles for work?
hey, i would have to say MC batignolles vertical or horizontal... it looks like a great bag as im sure it will carry lots and you can carry it on your shoulder! :amuse: