which bag for traveling?

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  1. I saw these two vintage beauties and can't decide.
    one is quilted soft leather, the other one caviar.
    the size is about the same. I want a bag for traveling as a carry on, and as a weekend overnight bag. which one should I pick? :smile:

    this is the caviar one. both pics from google picture search.

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  2. this one is the soft quilted one.

    which one would you pick, or recommend?

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  3. i like the first one because in the picture you can carry by the top handles but it also has a long strap and i think having both options is ideal. also i personally like the look of the first one better anyway as i think it will squish down nicely if you need it to but also has a nice shape when it is not squished :smile:
  4. ja I like the look a lot too! I like that it probably holds it shape when squished down.

    they both have a shoulder strap tho :smile:
  5. aaah! well i like the leather and style on the first one more too...and it looks "heartier" like it will hold up better ;)

    i do not think you could go wrong with either though! :biggrin:
  6. First one!
  7. another vote for the first one!
  8. I think the first one looks more durable and you prob want that in a carry on luggage style weekend bag.
  9. I agree with everyone on the first one! I just like it better. Looks like it could take a beating a little better than the other one!
  10. I like the quilting on the second one, but the first one seems more durable!
  11. thank you all so much for your opinions, helps a lot. I think I'll go for the caviar then. I think it's important that a travel bag is durable, and it looks more like that then the quilted one.