Which bag for the pastilles keychain?

  1. I bought the pastilles keychain for a pretty handbag dangle, now all I need is the right bag to hang it from! It's to go on an everyday bag and it's down to two choices: the Mono Manhattan or Trouville. I actually think it would look better on a very plain style like a Speedy, but they're so wide, and I don't carry all that much around ... also I'm 5'1" and 98lbs so I prefer my bags on the smaller side.

    The Trouville looks bigger face on, but because the Manhatten isn't as deep through, they both have about the same capacity. The Manhattan is more expensive but that's not really an issue. I'm thinking the Manhattan might look too busy with the pockets at the front and the keychain above that ... but the Trouville has a strip of leather underneath the handles and maybe that would look kind of messy with the keychain?

    I'm going to be buying it online so I can't really test drive how they will look together first. I like both styles so I could use some help deciding!
  2. i think the keychain would prb look better on the Trouville because the Manhattan has pockets, but I personally have a deep disdain for the Trouville. What about a speedy 25?
  3. Thanks Kimalee. Well, you'd probably think it would look better on a Damier, wouldn't you? ;) But yes, that's exactly what I was thinking about the pockets ... it would look too busy. But I love the Manhatten ... and I'm actually going off the Trouville since I realized it looks kind of like a ... like a ... :confused1: A make up case, maybe? I'd love to hear why you have a deep disdain for it tho - now you've got me curious!

  4. Why dont u try with Lockit white colour. I think it 's so cute......
  5. Too busy on the Manhattan, IMHO. I have my pastel pastilles on my Damier Speedy 30 and it is perfect. Plainer background, not a lot of hardware and no pockets in the way. I get loads of compliments on her.

    Here's a (lousy) pic of it in the middle of my very messy desk.. but you can get the idea:
  6. Yep, it has to go on a plain bag, IMO.
  7. I think it would look better on the Trouville- too busy on the Manhattan. JMHO.
  8. OH MY, don't they look terrific together!! That's a great look IMO. Thanks for the photo ... it's made me realize I'm going to need a fairly plain bag to show it off. But I think I'm going to pass up on the Trouville ... I'd also like to get an epi Jasmin, I imagine the keychain and Jasmin would look great together ... but now they're only making Jasmin with silver hardware ...! :crybaby:
  9. Far too busy on a Manhattan - I'm currently wanting to buy some for my Mono Speedy 25, so I'd say a smaller sized Speedy. Beth's on her Damier Speedy are glorious! Or anything Epi. You could find a gold hardware Jasmin on eBay or a reseller easily I think.
  10. Lol, sorry, just saw your comment. I don't like the Trouville because of what you said - it looks like a make up case or a small suitcase or something! I know a lot of people like it here, but that's the first thing I thought of when I saw it, so I can't get it out of my head!
  11. Hi Frankie, agree it does look great on the Speedy and yep, I think tracking down a very good used Jasmin on eBay will be Plan A at this point. I could wish LV would make the epi range with a choice of gold or silver hardware; could wish they did more epi colours too.

    Are you back home yet or still in Brisbane? (Or do I have the dates wrong and you haven't even left yet?) :shame:
  12. Must admit I was trying to like it because I was thinking it looks useful. :roflmfao: Well, it would be easy to get in and out of and all those pockets would be handy ... but buying a bag because it looks useful and has X, Y and Z features is kind of missing the point, isn't it? I'm getting the Manhattan PM (might have it by the end of the week with any luck), because I realized ...

  13. Hahaha no, I leave on Friday and will be driving home on Sunday or Monday - another whirlwind trip, I'm afraid!