Which bag for the long haul?

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Which large tote to go for?



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  1. Ok ladies...I'm torn between these two bags. I know I want one of them...but not sure which.

    If you have either - can you post your comments/likes/dislikes?

    Signature Stripe Patent Large Tote in Khaki/Brown

    Signature Stripe Denim Patent Large Tote

    Also note...I have the "original" signature stripe in khaki/gold and last years signature stripe in black/gunmetal (yes, I love these bags! But the addition of the zipper is drawing me in!)

    This will probably be my last Coach purchase for a while since little deweydrop is going to be here shortly. :wtf:
  2. IMO, I voted for the signature denim patent tote... I tried it on in the store, and it is so pretty! I like the denim siggy anyways... I think it would go with a lot! :tup:
  3. well the khaki/brown is more versatile- matches with more but will get dirty easier... the denim matches with less IMO but stays clean easier...

    I like them both but would probably go with the khaki/brown.

    Oh and congrats on the upcoming baby! You're going to have so much fun!
  4. i voted denim! congrats on the baby! :heart:
  5. My vote is brown!
  6. Brown.
    More versitile.
    I don't like denim bags when one's wearing jeans (just too much denim for me) and I'm guessing you wear jeans... For me, it'd be brown. But, I'm a jean-wearer!
  7. I voted denim just because you already have some sig stripe bags so I thought the denim would be a little bit of a change. Plus, it's so pretty.

    Congrats on the new baby. Believe me, your life will never be the same; it will be so much better. :yes:
  8. Yeah, i'm a jean wearer too...and that's was a concern I had.

    and what if I wear my jean jacket? hehehe

    Yeah, now I think i'm leaning towards brown...If they made this in gold, I wouldn't even be having this discussion! lol
  9. I would normally say khaki because I am the same, denim with denim to me bugs me... but it always looks good on others......but since you already have it in some form of khaki I am going to say denim.. plus with a new baby (congrats!) and all you won't have to worry so much about staining, etc. :tup:
  10. I love the denim and congrats on your soon-to-come little one!
  11. I vote brown....jean bags worn with jeans is just too much IMO and you said you like to wear jeans. The brown will match with ANYTHING you wear. Congrats on your baby! :tup:
  12. Thanks ladies! I appreciate all the opinions...and the well wishes! I think I WILL lean towards the brown. I of course want to see them in person again...but hearing all your opinions definitely helps!
  13. i think denim would be a nice change, but i think they make it with a tan stripe its not gold but close. im not sure though however i know one of my friends moms has the signature stripe patent convertable bag with a tan stripe and it looked pretty nice!
  14. Aww!!! A little deweydrop! That's so cute! Congrats on the baby again! I voted for the brown patent/siggie tote! I think it would go w/ more, but I do love both! Good luck w/ your decision!
  15. Such a tough decision because I really like the denim, but someone pointed out with not wearing it with jeans, and I agree with that personally, so I pondered - because this is a life or death situation I know :hrmm:. I voted on the brown - that will likely be more versatile. Whew!