Which bag for SO?

Which SO?

  • 40cm Cyclamen Kelly

  • 32cm Raisin Box HAC with shoulder strap

  • 35 or 40cm Tri-color Kelly

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Jun 16, 2007
I actually know what bags I would love acquire (over time) to complete my collection.
The problem is, I am not sure that are all available, even with a SO.

1-40cm Cyclamen Kelly with RHW (maybe with ardoise or graphite lining)
2-32 Raisin box HAC with custom ordered strap
3-35 or 40 cm Tri- Color Kelly Retourne (ebene, etoupe, gris t)

Which should be my first SO?

If any ladies think that my choices are no longer available at all, please let me know so I can cry. Can cyclamen still be special ordered? I think I am leaning toward #1. I could use another Kelly for should strap purposes.


Oct 12, 2007
.... i think someone posted that the color raisin will be 'rested' next year, and there is a thread that SO list is closed til Jan 2010.

.. sure experts will be chiming soon^!

nice choices for the #1 & #3, what about the lining for the 32 HAC!?!
Jun 16, 2007
Yes...I saw that about the raisin in another thread. I was wondering if H is in fact resting it only for general production or if it would still be available for SO. I read an old thread from 2007 that also indicated at that time that raisin was being rested, but apparently it didn't happen.