Which bag for NYC????

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Which bag should I bring to NYC?

  1. Kelly

  2. Birkin

  3. Lydie

  4. None

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. This could be the saddest thread ever.....

    I can't make up my mind which of my three H bags to take to NYC. I only want to take one bag since I am only staying overnight. So, ladies help me out, PLEASE!!!!

    The Kelly (black 32 cm togo) .... she is and will always be my favorite
    The Birkin (black 30 cm togo) ..... very new and 'shiny'
    The Lydie ( black box)... lovely for dinner but too small for Saturday.

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    hermes2.jpg lydie.jpg Picture 1.jpg
  2. ooh I think you will pop more than a few eyeballs with the birkin in NYC... lovely collection!!
  3. Out of pure selffishness, I am going to vote for your gorgeous Lydie, because I have never seen one and its picture is simply too lovely, it must be gorgeous in person, :smile:.
  4. I am not really an 'eyeball popping' kind of girl, but thank you, I love the three I have.
  5. LOL Rose--not so sad at all...it's so hard deciding sometimes. Definitely the Birkin; the 30 actually holds quite a bit, can go from to day to evening (for most places), and you can always hook your straps on the turnkey when walking around the city. I have a feeling you'll miss her if you leave her at home!
  6. ^^ I agree, the Birkin does hold more than the Kelly..... more hiding space for sneaky purchases....
  7. Oh, my DH has not figured out that my Kelly and Birkin are two different bags yet......
  8. The 30cm is also great for toting around a small bottle of water and tucking in a lightweight shawl too!
  9. I just voted for the Birkin. :smile: I've already met gorgeous Miss Kelly and I don't think Miss Lydie is practical as your only bag for traveling. Miss Birkin, however, would make a terrific traveling companion!
  10. I brought my birkin and kelly to NYC and I found that I prefer to use the birkin for a trip to NYC. It is easier to get in and out of and holds more . . . and you always need more room than you think for a NY trip
  11. What...no all of the above????:p I must abstain from the vote...
  12. God bless him, what a lovely, accomodating man.
  13. birkin here! All all lovely though!
  14. I vote for the birkin only because you haven't had the chance to carry it much yet..
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Rose, this is hilarious!
    I also vote for the birkin - but remember to hide the kelly while you're away (jst in case DH isn't going & notices that "the bag" is there, though you took "the bag." :p