Which bag for my mom?

  1. Okay..so my sister and I decided to chip in to get my mom her first LV bag but we're having second doubts about what we got her. We bought the PH before the price hike but the more I'm thinking about it the more I feel I should get her the Damier esp. after reading the threads on this board (Damier easier to take care of..) the issue is she wants a shoulder bag and I'm not sure which one I should exchange it for. Any ideas or suggestions?
  2. I like the Uzes:

  3. I really only like bags with a shoulder strap that I can wear across my body. I have the Damier Illovo MM - it has a short strap, but I recently bought a long strap for it at the LV counter and I just love it. I was gonna take the short strap off, but people pointed out that it would devalue the bag to do that, so the original strap just hangs at the side, which is ok. But you can get a Damier speedy and get this long strap for it and there's the Ipanema in two sizes with a long strap. Good luck!
  4. Also the Mono Mini Lin has several with long straps.
  5. I agree with Michelle, the Uzes is awesome :smile:
  6. I'm thinking of this for my mom. (Passy GM)
    It depends on what she wants to use it for. Mine would like an everyday subtle bag that can be used to carry documents.
  7. The Saleya GM and the Parioli are nice:
    Saleya GM-

  8. the passy and the saleya are great choices too.....
  9. I also think the Saleya GM would be great! It's really practical and super cute.
  10. Definitely a Passy GM!!
  11. I am thinking about to get the Damier for my mum as well as it is easy to take care and she doesn't have to worry much about it.

    I thinking the Damier Belem MM
    [​IMG] pic from elux

    or Ribera Mini as she is petite girl

    [​IMG]pic from elux
  12. Damier Chelsea:

  13. Oh! That's a lovely bag! :yes:

  14. I think the Saleya or the Chelsea would be a great choice.:yes:
  15. I'm chiming in as a mom - I love the Chelsea and the Saleya GM! I like the passy - I just like gold trim on a plain black bag - Now if they had it in black and gold . . . my wallet would be in danger. You guys are SO sweet to think of your mom - it will mean so much to her!