Which bag for my first?

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Which Louis Vuitton for my first?

  1. Mono Speedy 30

  2. Mini Line Speedy 30

  3. Other, post what you think I should get.

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  1. I know, I know I'm sure this question has been asked quite a bit of times. Sorry!

    So I am looking to get my first Louis Vuitton bag soon. I've been buying Coach for the past 6 months, time to get something different.

    I love the look of the Speedy, but around my town it is the most popular fake! I'm sure just like everywhere else. Sooo... I was thinking I'd mix it up a bit and maybe get the Mini Lin Speedy 30? Also, does it only come in Dune and Ebene? I'd perfer Dune if those are the only two colors.



    I have never seen one of these faked around here.

    Do you think it's a good bag and can go with lots of things? Or should I stick to the Mono Speedy 30?

    Also size wize, I'm about 5'5 150 lbs. Should I get the 30 or 25?

    Or! Offer any other bags that are under $1000. I'm open to anything!

    So I made a poll! Vote! (Oops, I spedded Lin wrong!)

  2. No suggestions?

    Do ya'll hate me? LOL
  3. Mono Speedy 30!!
  4. Mono speedy 30 here too! It's really easy to tell the fakes from the real, so you'll have a real one that will get a beautiful patina and it will be obvious to people that it's real. I personally don't care for mini lin at all. It just isn't as rich looking and I don't think it would be as much fun to carry.
  5. My first purchase was the Batignolles Horizontal. Holds loads, look great and (please don't shoot me for saying this, as I know loads of you love these:sweatdrop:) isn't as common as a Speedy, which personally, I think looks a bit ordinary:shrugs:(sorry fellow tPF'ers, just my opinion).

    Anyway, I'm sure you will love what ever you decide to get:smile:

  6. I agree. I had a mono Speedy 30. Just sold it about 2 weeks ago. I really didn't like the way it looked on me. I bought a Batignolles horizontal (BH) a month ago and it is super.:heart: The style is great looking, not as common as the 30 and it holds a bunch of my stuff. I used it on a trip to TX last week and it was great. You can put your paperback in there, along with your regular things. The shoulderstraps are comfy. On the plus side of the Speedy 30, you can always buy a strap to use as a shoulder bag. (not to confuse you!) You can't go wrong with any of the 3...the mini lin is stunning also. But you might have to worry about the care of the fabric.

  7. If you like the Dune colour of mini lin, how about a Damier Azur speedy?
  8. Isn't the dune color the darker one? Or did I get them mixed up?

    I would want the dark mini lin.

    I thought about the Azur. i really like it but I like monogram... Grr.. Too many choices.

    Also, is the pricing for Speedys different if you go to a store and buy it instead of online on ELux?

    Would it be cheaper if I ordered it from a store?

    And if so how much are they in store?
  9. I haven't bought from elux but understand they don't charge tax if you aren't in Tennessee or California PLUS there is free shipping sometimes PLUS there are shopping services such as ****** where you can get a small percentage returned to you periodically. Same base price as store though.

    I would get a bag that is difficult to damage myself. Most of my collection are predisastered, that first ding is so awful!

    I don't have mini lin, but have mini monogram which is very like. I love it! The leather is the most lux of the LV fabrics I own [mini mono, mono, epi, damier] and the bag is very light weight. Ebene is the darker color, I saw it at the boutique and it is wonderful!

    I have a mono speedy 25 and epi speedy 30. Love the 25, it holds everything plus. The 30 isn't full enough and my stuff slides from side to side. Each size is taller and wider than the last, you aren't just getting a longer bag.

    Happy happy shopping!
  10. I think you should get the Monogram Canvas Speedy 30.
  11. I say Mini Lin Ebene (that's the dark color), Dune is the light creamy color.
  12. I think your first bag should definitely be a Monogram Speedy. It's the classic Louis Vuitton silhouette...IMO. Even though it is probably the most faked, it is soomething that you will love for a long time because you know yours is the real thing!

    That said, I have a Mini Lin Speedy(ebene) and I ADORE it!! That could be your second LV;)
  13. Thing is, I have another dilema.

    I'm getting a check for about $7000. And I WAS planning on saving it for a breast augmentation in January 2008. Meaning putting it in the bank and NOT touching it, paying a couple things off, like CC's and such but leaving the rest for that.

    But I reallllllly want a Louis bag. My fiance says I shouldn't nickel and dime it away if I really want the procedure. But then he says, you can get the bag and we can pay stuff off then you can finance the procedure come January.

    I don't know what to do!

    I know either way I'm going to have the procedure. But I don't really want to have to finance it and be paying for years. But I really want new things- bags, etc.


    Thanks for the info on the bags. I do really love the Mono Speedy and it is timeless.

    Are there any other styles that are under $1000?
  14. hi there are quite some bags under $1000. My personal favourite is Monogram Petite Noe. Alma and Regular Lockit are nice too - classic hand carry bag but not as common as speedy :smile:. U can check www.eluxury.com for more options.
  15. The Speedy is def. a classic and perfect for a first LV.
    And yeah, loads of fakes around but you'll be happy to have the real deal, and ppl can really tell the difference, at least ppl who care a little for fashion.....
    Otherwise have you looked at the Damier ?
    And concerning your finances...there is a money section in this forum, just kiddin'....well if you stick to something canvas and not too big it shouldn't affect too "badly" your finances, but you only can decide of your priorities.
    And yes if you check on eluxury.com or louisvuitton.com you'll see their lines.