Which bag for my first time MJ bag?

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  1. I really want to add a Marc Jacobs to my collection!:love:
    Which would you prefer for a first Marc: The large multi pocket (or small), or the Blake?

    I'd love to get your feedback!
  2. depends on how much you carry really. I prefer the large MPs because they hold a lot w/o being too heavy. I also prefer shoulder bags which is why I don't own a Blake.
  3. I vote for the Multi-pocket...I know a lot of people love the Blake, but I've seen a lot of people recently carrying the Multi-pocket and they are fabulous!
  4. The large MP can be pretty heavy if you're not used to the weight of MJ bags. They do hold more than the blake, but the weight will also hold the bag down and leave a mark on your shoulder since the strap isn't flat like the Stella or Sophia.

    Blake is a nice size too and it has more compartments. Both blake and MP are shoulder bags and you can't go wrong with either. Depends on what style you are looking for, if you like hobos, then go for the MP. i personally like the blake a lot. :smile:
  5. I vote Blake. My reasoning is that it is quite easy to dress up or go casual with. It seems more structured (just my opinion). Any thoughts on where you would be taking your MJ on outings?
  6. Yes, it seems that the Blake could go with more dressy things. I thought it was more of a handle carried bag-not a shoulder-but I guess both can go under the shoulder... I would want to wear my MJ to both work and with jeans, etc.
  7. i go with the blake, but i'm also biased (since i have one!). it goes easily over my shoulder and can be hand-carried.
    you have to consider the amount of hardware on mj bags bc i'm sure the multipocket is even heavier than the blake!
  8. multipocket
  9. Multipocket-that was my first MJ love!!
  10. Multipocket because it's hot. I got my first multipocket from anniversary sale and can't wait til I get on Sat to use it. I got the small version because that's enough room for me, but if you have a lot of stuff, get the large.
  11. I think that Blake (more structured) would be a better choice if you plan to wear it to both work (especially) & with jeans. If you absolutely want to get MP, then go for the smaller size (provided that it can hold all your necessities) -- I find it less casual than Large MP (can become very slouchy). I believe Blake is heavier than Small MP (possibly Large MP as well).
  12. MP is hot...Blake is more structured (as said above)...what hits you?
  13. small MP. love all the small pockets :smile:
  14. my first mj was the fran, but i love the multipocket!! the blake was on clearance in bloomingdales but it was too big and for me it was just too much, i need something less structured and more playful. but the multipockets are really cute!!