Which bag for my first LV?

  1. I don't mind getting a classic monogram piece as a first choice but I could be persuaded to get something from any other collection if it's the right handbag!

    Come on ladies and gents feel free to share your opinions, thanks!
  2. I love the speedy bags (either Damier or Mono) for a first LV bag - classic, light, timeless and just generally great bags. Reasonable too for a first purchase.
  3. I vote for speedy too (in Azur).
  4. I vote for BV!

  5. Absolutely agree!!!!!
  6. Damier Saleya MM. :yes:
  7. Speedy! It was my first LV-it seems like a good starter point
  8. How about a Cabas Piano or Mezzo....
  9. Speedy is a wonderful for your first..Azur is very sweet :smile:
  10. A Speedy - doesn't matter which style, just a Speedy ;)
  11. I'd say Speedy.
  12. Batignolles Horizontal if you don't have to have a bag that closes at the top. It looks fabulous on everyone.
  13. Speedy, its a classic! Maybe go for a different style to mono if u want it to be a little different.
  14. Mono speedy for sure.
  15. Alma in MC or Mono.