Which bag for my First LV??

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  1. Hi! I'm having such a hard time trying to decide on my first LV bag! I have the monogram French purse and the monogram small agenda, but now it's time for a bag and I can't decide.

    I love the Daumier canvas because of the dark leather trim (I'm afraid that I'll get the natural leather on the monogram wet or dirty)

    Here's what I'm trying to decide between. The Speedy is such a classic, but the Hampstead pm is so elegant, and the Duomo is adorable! Wish I could get all three, but how insane is that.

    Any suggestions for my first bag??



  2. I like the Duomo, it's less common and a very pretty shape. The Speedy looks great in Damier as well though, and it's priced quite reasonably.
  3. If you use a hand bag more I vote the Duomo. Love the structure.
  4. Hampstead pm because like you've pointed out - it's so darn elegant- and it's unique! I like the gold plate in the front :biggrin:

    Speedy in general is to die for! However, you can always get them in a lot of other canvas/material such as the MC, mono, azur etc :biggrin:

    So my vote is for Hampstead pm!
  5. The damier hampstead pm does not look that good in real life. I had both.
    The damier saleya pm is better choice I were you.
  6. I would go for the speedy
  7. Speedy! They are amazing!
  8. Speedy! They are just my favorite bags. :heart:
  9. DEFINITELY!! the speedy, it is such a classic and it is the must have for a first LV
  10. i agree 100%! the speedy was my first bag, and it's always been one of my favorites! you definitely can not go wrong with a speedy!
  11. Speedy is always an excellent first choice!
  12. i vote Speedy! it's such a classic style.
  13. I love the Duomo but It's more expensivr than the speedy
  14. if money isn't a factor, i'd go for the duomo. then speedy. then hampstead. the duomo is so classy and timeless!
  15. OMG all three are so lovely, I guess my vote goes to the speedy as its a classic bag.