which bag for daily use do you like the most

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which one you like and carry the most? and post your rationale!

  1. east-west flap

  2. chanel 3

  3. cc crave flap

  4. french riveria flap

  5. easy carviar

  6. GST/PSt/PTT

  7. cert tote

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  1. Please vote! Thanks
  2. GST!

    Fits documents/paper/laptop and I can also use bag organizer if I need more zipped compartment

    Also caviar is low maintenance
  3. Small quilted boy! I dress very casually and don't carry a lot. It's a perfect everyday bag for me.
  4. Ĺately it is my mini. Love love the bag.
  5. Woc and mini. I've been carrying less and less...
  6. GST! I use it eeryday since january. Perfect for work, even weekend when i have my kids with me with their water bottles, origami papers, ipad etc :smile:
  7. I adore my PST. It's the perfect size for me and carries all the essentials, plus some room to spare. :smile:
  8. None from the list:P
    I use my boy bag the most
  9. GST! So roomy.
  10. GST but changing to boy!
  11. I should re-phrase the title. I did not put the classic (including the boys) in the list, as I feel it is a pain to open the double flap all the time. And they are not light weight enough to me.. therefore, I want to see the seasonal bags which are ligher, simplier and more durable. :smile:
  12. + 1 :P
  13. PST is the perfect size for me . X
  14. :P:P:P PST lovers, if do not mind, may we know how tall you are? as many people think that PST is good for certain height. NO judgement on taller or shorter...just wish to get a general feeling about how you ladies think. ;)
  15. I'm 5'5 , but do feel good for most heights as can carry just what I need for everyday . ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397333088.275981.jpg