Which bag for busy prints?

  1. So this is a spin-off of another user's post about whether monograms look too busy when worn with clothing that aren't solids.

    For those of you think they are (and also those who think they aren't!) which bag would look good when wearing busy prints? I want to get the mono speedy, but I like to wear quite a bit of patterns/prints (especially on summer dresses!) so I was wondering if there would be a better bag that would suit my clothes.

    I LOOOVE the speedy, though! Would other lines of speedy work? I'm open to suggestions! :heart:
  2. I generally like the bright Epi colors (like my Mandarin Jasmin or even the red, but Ivorie would be gorgeous for summer!). Also, a Suhali bag would look great.
  3. Definitely the epi speedy...if you wear lots of lighter colours, there's the ivory one...or if you wear lots of darker colours, there's the black one...Epi is very elegant.

    Suhali, as Rebecca has suggested, is also an option. I think the Le Tal is more subtle than the Le Fab and is more versatile. The Le Tal is about 3x the price of the Epi speedy though... :p
  4. Thank you! The Epi really IS elegant -- I'm just afraid that it'll look *too* elegant for casual use. I like the mono because it is classic, yet somewhat fun and casual. I'm not sure what would go with a summery flower-printed dress, for example.
  5. Get an epi leather and it also has it in speedy. Thank goodness I wear plain clothes most of the time because, yes, printed clothes do not really go well with the monogram or the other "printed" LV bags.
  6. Probably something from epi or suhali lines.
  7. If you think the Epi is too elegant, you can always "dress it down" with a bandeau or charms. Are you talking about bright-coloured summer dresses? My summer dresses tend to all have an element of chocolate in them, so Damier goes with them really well...if your wardrobe is like mine, maybe you can consider the Damier Speedy?
  8. How about vernis?
  9. ^ I might give that a try :smile:. I like Vernis in small portions, but that's definitely an idea!

    Yes, I'm talking about bright summer dresses! Now that I think about it, my dresses have browns in them as well (though the overall look is bright) -- I really love browns and golds. I will definitely consider Damier!

    Oh, and adding charms sound really fun! Thank you so much for your help!
  10. ^^ You're welcome! I would have suggested Vernis, but I personally think Epi or Damier is better because the whole bag including handles is one colour...whereas Vernis has the vachetta handles - in my opinion this might be a problem in matching some outfits.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide :smile:
  11. I think Epi looks the best w/ prints!
  12. the mini lin has all the LV logos....if u get the mini lin in dune, u will get the light color, but still retain the classic-ness of the logos!
  13. A bronze or noisette vernis piece may be perfect for you!
  14. I like that idea! the monograms aren't too busy or 'taking over' the bag, and at the same time you have a solid colour! great suggestions!:yes:
  15. i actually think that mono canvas isn't busy at all. the gold and brown sorta blend together...
    i personally think mono goes with EVERYTHING!