Which bag? (First bag I'm buying!)

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  1. Hi,

    I am rewarding myself with an LV bag. All the LV bags I own have been presents (Mono Speedy 30, DE Nevefull, Red Kusama Neverfull) and the rest of my collection are mostly crossbody bags.

    My top choices right now are:
    - Alma BB (in DE or Epi Noir)
    - Eva in DE
    - Favorite
    - Twice in Black Empreinte

    I also thought about Pochette Saint Germain and Pallas Clutch but I'm not quite as convinced on those pieces yet....

    What would you recommend? I kind of want a bag that I can wear across different situations (casual, going out and semi-formal)

    Are there any other bags you think would match the criteria?
  2. I have the Eva in DE and I love her!! Perfect for casual or dressy occasions!
  3. Thanks!! Eva is such a beautiful bag - how much can you fit in it?
  4. My first bag was the favourite mm. I like it a lot and chose it because you can wear it with the leather strap, chain strap or tuck it inside for a clutch style. Thought it was like a 3 for 1 ;) good luck. I'm currently deciding on bag #2 now haha
  5. Alma BB
  6. I personally like alma bb in epi the best among the one you listed. I got one in rose ballerina and I found it very useful and roomy than I expected.
  7. I would recommend alma bb or Twinset empreinte. Both can be worn casually crossbody - for formal occasions, alma bb looks so gorgeous carried by the top handle while Twinset is chic carried on the shoulder. GLD!
  8. Eva is my fav of the ones you mentioned. The crossbody vachetta strap AND having a gold shoulder strap makes it super casual or semi-dressy imo!
  9. +1, looking forward to seeing what you decide.
  10. Thank you all!

    I'm hoping to stop by the store sometime this week.
    Last time I stopped by a store, the SAs were rude and mostly ignored me so I'm hoping to have better luck at the next store.
  11. #11 Mar 18, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2016
    I have Eva in DE, favorite in mono, and twice in mono/noir. I went in to buy the alma bb in noir but left with an empreinte noir twice, which I exchanged the same day for the mono noir twice. The alma bb was cute but I didn't like how it kind of bounced around crossbody. I am 5'3" 125 lbs. I was thinking I should just get the empreinte twice for only a little more so I did. For some reason when I got home I just wasn't thrilled with it and immediately regretted not getting the mono noir. I absolutely love the size and different sections. The center is perfect for phone and easy access. Then you have two secure sections too! Excellent crossbody bag!! I find the Eva too small and I do like my favorite mm, but not so much as an everyday bag.
  12. Eva in de was my first LV bag. Although its very classy, the strap was too long on me to wear cross body, I didn't like how the chain attached to the zipper and the large plate scratched very easily. I have the favorite mm mono and I love it. You can use it 3 ways. I don't have the twice in empreinte but have seen many reveals of it. It's really beautiful bag but it's a cross body and the strap is not detachable. Good luck deciding!
  13. Favorite or Eva
  14. I think in the "march goodies" form there is a stunning reveal of the alma bb in epi. Check that out if you haven't already. It made me want an alma!

  15. I'm noticing you're looking for a crossbody bag with your choices above. I would recommend the Favorite MM or the Pochette Metis. Otherwise, I would suggest the Delightful... Step away and venture into a hobo/shoulder bag and the price isn't crazy!! Good Luck 🍀