Which bag do you wish your sweetie would give you for Valentines Day?

  1. Feel free to be unrealistic here! This is just for fun. We all need to dream.

    Happy Valentines Day!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
  2. LV Tivoli GM.

  3. Hermès 32cm blue jean clemence palladium hardware Kelly

    Happy Valentines Day everyone!!
  4. I didnt really give this much thought (even though Im a member on TPF, I dont really obsess that much over designer bags!) but this Gucci bag caught my eye recently while shopping online- I think its really fun and unique, so I'll say:


    Not like that would ever be a remote possibility, though! The price is $3,150!!!!
  5. Since it's just a wish, an LV Suhali Lockit.
    I'm being shy but I really wanted a Birkin.
    okay, back to reality.:girlsigh:
  6. Everyone- please post a pic/link of your choice if at all possible! It makes the thread much more fun to read.
  7. I am not computer savy but a red city bbag please.....
  8. Now that Im thinking more about this, Neuhaus milk and dark chocolate truffles.. an endless supply... would be just as good as that gucci bag!
  9. Gryson Alexa in grey or black! Or an Olivia in black!
  10. I NEED the TODS Took bag in pink!
    It is my anni next week and we are going to St Barthelemy :beach:(there is a TODS boutique there), so I may have to wait.

    Hope you get what you want!
  11. Gucci handbag.
  12. I love this LE Fendi Spy

  13. This it eh TODS Took in pink, another member here Jill, got ione, I am in love!!
  14. This Bulga for the upcoming spring season!