which bag do you want in another line but lv probably wont SO it

  1. I think we've had this thread a while back. =]

    I'd probably want the denim speedy design with multicolor or even the marelle in vernis. =]
  2. The Lockit in Damier......it could be a possibility though.....:drool:
  3. Vernis speedy
  4. damier wapity, but no small items :sad:
  5. Pink Epi Noe
  6. Damier Bosphore Messenger GM
    A bigger Wapity to fit my Sony Cybershot DSC-H1. Hmm... have it made out of blue Tobago. :drool:

    These aren't bags... but:
    Black MC Widescreen iPod Case
    Geranium Suhali Perforated Belt [saying "LOUIS VUITTON"]
  7. white or black MC papillon
  8. multicolore lockit!
  9. Actually I would like a Sayela PM in Monogram!
  10. another vote for VERNIS speedy :drool: :love:
  11. damier elipse
  12. Third vote for a vernis speedy :love:
  13. WWWWonderful thread!!!
    Saumur in denim...:cool:
  14. ANOTHER vote for vernis speedy :P and also, not bag, but I'd REALLY love a framboise vernis KOALA agenda! :drool: :love: :shame:
  15. I would love it if they made a Damier Bosphore Messenger in both the PM and GM:yes:. When I got my PM in the monogram, I asked about it. The reply that I got was that is just may be possible depending on the sales. I hope they decide to make it..:flowers: