Which bag do you WANT but wouldn't pay for?

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  1. Have ever been browsing and seen a bag you would really like to have but would not pay for, for whatever reason?

    I would love to own this bag, but would not buy it because it is too expensive for me. Not that it is overpriced, because I definitely think it is worth it, but it is outside my current budget.

    Now this one I LOVE but I think it is overpriced:p
  2. i'd love to get the second one you posted kiari, but in the dark brown....but yeah, i'm not dropping a grand on a coach bag.
  3. It isn't even python, it is leather made to look like python :confused1: which is cool cause I am scared to carry a snake but I don't think it warrants SUCH a high price.
  4. I really love this one... but it's way too $$$$[​IMG]
  5. I want this bag soooooo bad!! So gorgeous!!:drool:
  6. PRETTY! I think I would keep putting the turnlock in the wrong hole:p
  7. The Lily is pretty, but I really don't like the little change purse thing on the back.
  8. Probably a Mandy
  9. Yep this bag in black. YUM.
  10. The Leigh - I love that bag but it's beyond my reach at the moment!

  11. Ooooh, I just looove this bag!
  12. The legacy satchel, but I may go for it during the next PCE assuming I get a card again.
  13. oooh, this is going to be a fun thread. i also like the Chelsea Printed Python Satchel. but it's interesting...i saw this at Macy's the other day, and the python-like skin was totally crumbling off the display purse. the top layer of skin was very loose and fragile and peeling off. i'm not sure if that is normal, or if the macy's SAs just handled it really badly, or too many customers touched it.

    i'd also LOVE LOVE LOVE to get a Legacy Leather Satchel in white, but there's no way i can justify paying $698 for a purse.
  14. I would like a Black Satchel too! I have a hard time going for black bags because I love me some colorful stuff but the satchel has so much hardware that it is so fun! Maybe next PCE for me too:tup:
  15. Wow it was peeling! That is insane:wtf: I assume most of those bought will be going back for repairs/refunds in a few months then. I know I am tougher on my bags than salespeople are.