Which Bag Do You Use The Most?

  1. It appears that many ladies here have a great collection of H bags. I'm just wondering which H bag do you find yourself using the most?
  2. well i was used to rotate all my bags so no preferences for me
  3. Currently my newest love, the 30 birkin in turquoise chevre...however, I do like to vary it by using a couple at least during each week - sometimes changing to better coordinate with a certain outfit....
  4. I rotate my Birkins, Kellys and Bolid every few days, too! Bolid is very practical bag and Bikin 35 cm holds a lot.
  5. Garden Party. Very light and the right size for carrying documents. I carry about 15 lbs. in my bag, so the lighter the bag, the better.
  6. Birkin! But I alternate it with my LV Speedy 30 when I need a throw-around bag.
  7. I am one of those people who buys Hermes bags and then rarely actually uses them. I don't know why this is!!!!! :hrmm: :blink: I should really just enjoy them every single day but I tend to just stare at them. :rolleyes:

    I do use my 30cm blue jean birkin the most though:heart:
  8. ^^^ how often would you say you use your birkin then, if that's the one you use the most?
    i can only say that i use the one bag that i have the most. :smile:
  9. I would say I carry it total about two months a year. If we go on vacation somewhere, I always take it.

    I have a baby so am always lugging a baby bag around and I don't carry my birkin to work much because I feel it's being wasted under my desk.

    But I DO feel the blue jean color goes with anything and fits well for all situations. I love it!
  10. When I get a new bag, I tend to look/stare/admire it for a long time and then finally take the splurge and use it.

    I saw an oprah show once where she was talking about "living in the moment" and was telling people to "use their fine china" because what were people waiting for? I need to do this because it's true, I work hard to get it and then it just sits there.
  11. well, but i guess it does still give you some satisfaction, even if you aren't using it actively. some people really do just enjoy owning and looking at something. for me, part of the pleasure come from utilizing it. when i was younger, i often wore stuff right out of the store. now i just put it on the minute i get home. i have a kid so i hear where you're coming from, but i don't know, i still use my h bag instead of some other bag. the birkin might be cumbersome.
  12. well, I've switching between my birkin and kelly since I've gotten them. I can't justify spending so much on these beautiful things and then just letting them sit in the box and don't use them. Although I understand your view too mnpurselover, they are like works of art and just the newness of it is art in itself and sometimes it's really hard to take the plunge and use it. But just think of it this way, if you use it, then you get to take it everywhere with you and stare at it all day long, no matter where you are :smile:
  13. Use those bags, mmpurselover. I'll use them even if I'm just going to the dry cleaner or something. For me, it's not as much WHERE I'm going, but I just love them so much that I want to have them with me.
  14. hmm..Kelly is my weekend bag. I make sure I take her somewhere every weekend. The other days I just wear my Chanel tote as diaper bag/work bag.
  15. My mom is the same way mnpurselover. I'm almost the opposite, I love to wear things that I just bought. It drives her up the wall!! She saw my prada purse thrown on the couch and said, "omg, I can't believe you're using this bag already when I haven't seen mine since the day I got it."

    Mind you this was in April, and we got the bags LAST summer. :lol: