Which bag do you take with you when you're travelling

  1. So, just like everybody else, I'm trying to squeeze in maybe one more bag before the dreaded price increase... I'm thinking I want something that I can take while I'm traveling. So far I always carry my LVs 'cos I never ever have to baby them.

    Thus I'm curious to see which bag fellow tpfers carry when you're traveling.
    I am also wonder if you have carry different Chanel bag when you travel during the winter (or late fall, early spring) when it may rain/snow?

  2. okay this is gonna be off point but i usually carry bbags when i go on holidays but i make sure i bring my medium caviar ivory flap along as a dinner bag. this winter i'm going back to paris with my new baby Cabas! she's a fab baby whose roomy and spacious yet easy to maintain and has a TDF slouchy feel! with very sturdy leather too!

  3. I traveled all summer w/ my baby cabas in bronze. It is cute yet big!
  4. I went to France for 2 weeks with my jumbo black caviar s/h flap. It was large enough to fit everything (camera included), not too heavy, looked good by day with jeans or at night with nice pants, stylish and indestructible. What more could I want? A red one, ha ha!
  5. nothing is off point for sure... thanks for your input ladydeluxe!
    I always bring more than one bag for my travel too, good to know that others do the same thing ;) Same thing with shoes too :yes:
    The funny thing though, I am trying to travel 'lighter' going forward, and thinking of just taking one bag and one pair of shoes (oh well, maybe 2 pairs of shoes with a pair of sandals), and boy, it creates quite a dilemma for me :push:
  6. KDB and Rome4Me, thanks for your input.

    Rome4Me, I've been thinking about taking my Jumbo for my travel... since it's caviar and it's a flap, so no stray hands can get into my stuffs. Maybe I should get another jumbo before the price increase??? :p A person can't never have too many Jumbos, no?
  7. i can NEVER travel lighter unless i know my intent for the trip is a SHOPPING one, but still, the fashionista in me never fails to bring at least 3 pairs of shoes and 2 bags (and a ton of clothes). :girlsigh:

    if you would like to get the cabas, get it now before it's gone quickly! it comes and goes like the speed of wind! good luck on that my dear :wlae:
  8. I bring more than one bag usually too--even if Im just going somewhere for a few days...I love the Cambon Multipocket bag (mine is black on black so its very easy to keep clean, etc) since it has so many pockets, is durable and fairly light so I dont feel weighed down using it...

    And then if its one other bag it would usually be a clutch or a classic flap or one of my balenciagas since theyre so flat and light too...
  9. i have been using the baby cabas while on the road, but also stick a clutch (per a suggestion by a brilliant tpfer on a previous thread) in there for evenings out.
  10. jumbo black caviar and xtra timeless chanel clutch too for night out .
  11. I have been using my expandable tote b/c of the option to expand it to fit all my gossip mags for the plane ride :nuts:
  12. Calisnoopy, ah a multipocket bag is definitely very useful for traveling.

    Larkie, thanks for sharing the tip on sticking a clutch in another bag! I have to remember that for my next trip. Mentally I still want to "try" to travel light :rolleyes:

    Minnie04, so you're a Jumbo girl too!

    , glad to know another tpfer who enjoys reading gossip mag while travelling. ;)It's very entertaining to read those while on the plane.
    South, can you tell me how does the expandable tote handle all your travels? It's made out of calfskin, right? Do you have to baby it a lot? And it does have a zip on top right? I always like to carry a bag is totally 'closed off' on the top to avoid pickpockets.
  13. I have a huge Chanel bag that's a toss between a briefcase and overnight bag. I use that as carryon (magazines, books, change of clothes, etc) and a medium flap for everyday messenger-style. It fits lipgloss, phone, camera with all important docs in a security belt.
  14. I like my new n /s modern chain for travel. it's heavy but has room for magazines, camera, small bottle of water, and I LOvE LOVE LOVe that the interior is lined in SILVER LEATHER so it's not a huge black bottomless pit!
  15. My black Cambon bowler. It's small, lightweight, and I stick it inside a huge Nine West tote to protect it from the icky plane floors. I hate traveling with my nicer Chanel totes. The Cambon can take some abuse while still managing to look brand new.