Which bag do you take for going shopping ?

  1. Bonjour, which bag do you take when you go shopping if you want to :

    - have free hands
    - have just the necessary (papers, keys...)
    - avoid to be robed in the crowd.

  2. i guess for lv ur looking at a sling/messenger or shoulder bag, of decent size, not a monogram so it is not very recognised so avoid mono carvas, MC, Damier even vernis maybe epi?
  3. how about the rift?
  4. I use my musette. My friend calls it my "travel bag" because I take it with me when we go on any sort of shopping trip.
  5. I usually carry my Chanel tote (I know, not LV related) and keep it zipped shut and on my shoulder, but from now on I'll probably carry my Cabas Piano, too :smile:
  6. depends on my outfit
  7. I use whatever bag I have with me that day.
  8. if i really don't need much with me and i need my hands (picture school clothes shopping where hands are a must) i'll take my cerise pochette. if i need more then i'll take my spy. almost all of my other bags are handheld (except for a couple of dooneys which are usually carried in the rain-no epi yet).

    i've seriously been looking into a tango to use as a messenger for this very reason.
  9. Which bag to take shopping if you want to guarantee attention, plus great service from SA's?

  10. i'd like to know the answer to this one too!
  11. Will use Sac Plat.

  12. I love big roomy bags so I pretty much shop with whatever I am using that day because it fits everything and looks fab!:yes:
  13. Yellow Epi Alma!
  14. SUHALI :heart: :heart: :heart:
  15. It depends on my outfit. I usually bring me Speedy 35. I just hook it on my arm or BF would hold it for me.