Which bag do you see carried the most often?

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  1. I love some of my bags that I never seen anyone carrying, which luckily, is a descent number of them. I rarely see any Leighs. On the other hand, I see more Carlys than anything else (other than some more generic MFF bags). It's amazing how many Carlys are around here (real and fake).

    So what bag is the most common in your area/which bag do you see being carried the most often?
  2. Hmmm.... I think I tend to notice the bags that I have the most. But, I think it depends on the season. In my area, I tend to see way more signature items than regular leather items. Last year, I was having lunch at PF Changs and saw three ladies walk in with the signature Ergo satchel in black/grey.

    I have a medium Madeline with the signature C print and I tend to notice when someone is carrying that bag... helps me see how my bag might end up if I don't care for it... hahahaha.
  3. Hmmmm, I see lots of signature. Real and fake.
  4. Ditto... I see alot of monogram and I also see probably more Carly's than anything else but as I get more educated thanks to this forum I think a great many of them are Foach.

    I'm also surprised at the number of people who comment on my Legacy's and are surprised to find out they are Coach because they don't have the siggy on them.
  5. I am seeing tons of Zoes lately! Hmmmm, could it be the great prices they are going for at the outlet these days?
  6. Me, too! Maybe I'm just more aware of them, but I've seen a lot in the last few weeks.

    Carlys are big in my area. Also, those scribble bags come out frequently during spring/summer months.
  7. I see a lot of Carlys, Scribble print bags, and patchwork bags.
  8. Tons of sig. Carly's, more than half are probably fake though. Wayyyyyy behind that is. MFF chelsea, weekend hamptons, and legacy. Not so much FP bags.
  9. I see a lot of Carly's (real and fake), as well as a lot of patchwork bags (mostly fake though)
  10. I have a lot of the really nice 06 Legacy that I snagged at the outlet and I NEVER see anyone wearing Lily, Leigh, Bridgit, etc. I always wonder why?
  11. I mostly see signature carlys.
  12. Sabrina... everyone has a sabrina... or even the signature stripe still... and around here, it's allllll signature!
  13. because they aren't bathed in C's lol
  14. I see a lot of Carly's (real & fake), and surprisingly - I've seen several bags in the blue scarf print in the past couple of weeks (although they have all been grubby looking - that's why I noticed!)
  15. I see lots of Garly's, some Carly's and some really ugly "inspired" bags. Lots of Sig.

    I think that is why I like leather more,not as many carried and they look better longer.