Which Bag Do You Reach for When it Rains or Snows?


Do You Wear Your Box Calf or Exotic Bag in Bad Weather?

  1. Only if I get caught in unexpected bag weather

  2. Absolutely, and I just stick the Hermes raincoat on it

  3. No way. I leave it at home and carry Togo, Clemence, Fjord, etc.

  4. It's just a bag, for goodness sake. I don't even bother with the raincoat.

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  1. I've been wearing my Box Calf bags and using their Hermes-provided raincoats when it rains, and I'm thinking that I'm either brave or foolhardy. I also keep a trash bag in my glove compartment for unexpected downpours.

    Do you stick an Hermes raincoat on your Box Calf or Exotic bag in bad weather or leave it at home and reach for something forgiving, i.e, Togo, Clemence or Fjord?
  2. Balenciaga City :roflmfao:

    Seriously, I'm just not brave enough to use box if it looks like it might rain so it's reserved for the bright, clear days.
  3. MILLSTREAM When it's really lousy weather I use either my black Clemence or my cognac Ostrich Birkins (depending on what I'm wearing). When I want a shoulderstrap in a downpour then out comes my Clemence Kelly.
  4. In cases like that, my preference is to use a bag that is old and def not Hermes! If absolutely pressed, I would say my Fjord Kelly.
  5. No H bags if the forecast is grim. If questionable, then I tuck a trash bin liner in the bottom of the bag to whip out if necessary...and definitely no boxcalf.
  6. I concur w/Pepper^^^ Definitely not box calf.
  7. Oh, MillStream, I *attempt* to keep up with the weather by the forecasts and accordingly decide on the bag of the day. I won't knowingly take box calf out on an iffy weather day.

    Togo or clemence would be my choice.....and of those two, Togo I feel is better.

    As for the raincoats, I have never used one.....maybe I should? And if hard pressed and lacking any other choice, of course, I would.
  8. I've carried Fjord and Swift in bad weathers, just wipe it down when I can right away. No problems with either "yet". :rolleyes:
  9. S'Mom - I didn't know ostrich took rain! I thought that it spotted at the slightest drop, like croco. This is opening up a whole new world for me.

    When it's raining I get out my vintage black lizard sellier kelly that I bought from CDL in the spring. Try as hard as I might, nothing can harm that reptile, and nothing can get out that reek of perfume it came with free of charge as a surprise bonus.

    It was raining out last week when I went to the bank to get some cash. The bills were in a bank envelope and sat in that reptile bag for a day. When I got it out and gave the envelop to my husband, he suddenly smelled the bills and asked why they smelled like perfume.
  10. I have never had a problem with barenia in a downpour (even a heavy one); the leather just drinks that water right up!

    But otherwise it's clemence or a Balenciaga.

    [edit] The last time I was in Paris I carried a box birkin and a plastic bin liner which came in extremely handy during a heavy rainshower. Otherwise, in windy conditions those raincoats are absolutely no protection whatsoever.
  11. My Longchamp!
  12. I feel that it's a bag for goodness sake! I was so careful with my Black Box Bolide when I first bought it seven years ago and then took it to Chicago and was walking around on a bright sunny day and guess what! As I was walking by the Sears Tower something spashed water on my bag and then I looked up and saw the window cleaning people working way up high. After that incident I knew I was home free!! The bag dried up perfectly and now I take it in the rain (not purposely) and of course wipe it dry when I get inside. It is developing a gorgeous patina and now is in Paris getting a new handle. I love it and feel that it is worth every penny not to be scared using it.

    Oh S'Mom...what's that ostrich you've been hiding...or maybe I haven't been reading all the threads! How nice is that!! I take my Black Ostrich Kelly in the rain too and love it!!
  13. Patent YSL or LV.
  14. Since I only have one big bag in box, it's an easy choice to leave it at home when it rains. Sadly, it rains AT LEAST every other day where I live so the poor bag doesn't get out to play much.
  15. I never carry Box leather when it's bad weather (hey that rhymed!).
    I reach for my Clemence Evelyne if it's raining or snowing.