which bag do you prefer??

  1. The Black Denim Cabby GM or the Mono Musette (large size). I'm trying to decide between these 2 bags. Thanks
  2. the mono musette is more classic, but the black denim cabby gm is beautiful! i would go for the cabby! i love, love, love it!
  3. GM cabby :yes:
  4. Cabby:tup:
  5. The Cabby :yes::tup:
  6. ITA!!! the cabby would be the best option :yes::drool:
  7. I have the Musette. It was my first bag and I thought it was what I wanted. After using it I realize it's very deep and difficult to get into because it is deep and because of the flap. It is not something I would suggest. It is a cute purse just not practical for me.
  8. I honestly don't like the Musette that much, so go with the Cabby!
  9. i have the mussette already so i will go for cabby.
  10. I vote cabby !!! would love to have the pm someday
  11. The Cabby! That is actually on my LIST, just not sure which size I want!
  12. The GM cabby. I have it and love this bag!
  13. cabby! but i'm biased cuz i have one. hehe
  14. Black Denim Cabby GM!!!!
  15. Another vote for Cabby GM too:tup: