which bag do you prefer??

  1. The white MC Speedy or the Manhattan GM???? I just got the speedy acouple of days ago, and I also really liked the Manhattan. I just want to be sure, so I was wondering what you guys thought. Thanks!!
  2. Manhattan GM. I love the pockets on this bag since it lets me separate where I put things and I can easily get to them.
  3. I have both, but i use the MC speedy more. They are both heavy, but i'm just a speedyaholic so i always choose speedy over everythingelse
  4. Hhmmm.....That's a tough choice! They were at the top of my list and I had the same dilemma a couple of months back. I got the white MC Speedy first because it's pricier and it would be a lot easier to save up for the Manhattan. I would say MC SPEEDY!! Do post your photos.

    Enjoy your bag then get the Manhattan later. Will do the countdown with you coz it's next on my list, too ;)

    Here's mine :yes:

    :heart: FROM YOUR MC TWIN :heart:
    TPF1.jpg TPF2.jpg TPF5.jpg TPF3.jpg TPF4.jpg
  5. I can't help you, I both love them, but the Speedy is more sexy, feminine, fresh, and original, the Manhattan GM is very classy, chic, and original too.
  6. manhattan gm..its more classic
  7. Manhattan GM, it's such a classy bag!!! I'm not really a fan of MC, unless it's an accessory or small bag, and only in white.
  8. Wow, that's a hard one. I like both but if I had to choose.......I'd go for the MC Speedy.
  9. I'd go for the White MC Speedy :yes:
  10. White MC Speedy
  11. Manhattan Gm
  12. Omg like seriously.. How can you choose? You def cant wrong with either and that is a HARD choice! I say Manhattan though!
  13. i have both too.......

    since i have a small child, my Manhattan gets used alot more! =) great as a shoulder bag!
  14. i love both but id get a speedy first!!
  15. The MC speedy would be my choice. I haven't warmed up to the Manhattan!