Which bag do you prefer??


Which bag should I get?

  1. Hayden Hartnett Satchel

  2. Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo

  3. Neither, keep searching.

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  1. I am getting one of these for christmas...I am not sure which one I prefer. Thoughts/opinions???

    A-Hayden Hartnett. Cost is $432

    B- Marc by Marc Jacobs. Cost is $398

    11860850721037172828.jpg 1185816295388924786.jpg marcj2027912867_prod_medium.jpg
  2. Hi! Can you post pics?
  3. hi sorry gung, i just added them haha!
  4. Usually, I'd say Marc by Marc Jacobs over Hayden Harnett, but in this case I'd go with the Hayden Harnett. IMO, that bag is one of their best and most beautiful.
  5. It looks like it would be difficult to access your stuff in the Marc Jacobs bag. I chose the HH.
  6. ps if you choose neither...suggestions on other options are greatly appreciated :smile: anything in the $500 and under category! thanks girls!
  7. I really like that HH Pastis.
  8. I usually :heart::heart: MBMJ, but I'm not feeling that one. The HH is ok.

    I know you said anything under $500, but are you looking to stay within those two brands??
  9. The HH is one I reaaaally want. I think there are only 50 of them or something? Or maybe i'm getting it mixed up with something else... either way, hurry and buy it so it sells out and I can't :p.
  10. :yes: same here!
  11. hi girls! well...i know i said i wanted either one of those 2 but i changed my mind and have decided to ask for a Foley + Corrinna JR Jet Setter bag in tan....i'm so fickle :smile: