which bag do you prefer?

  1. A silver mirior speedy or the mirior lockit?
  2. Ack. I love the Miroir line as a whole but I would say, if you had the chance to get the Lockit, try for that one first since you'd be able to get it for retail. Otherwise, go for the Speedy..I have both colors and really like them.
  3. ^^^ I agree with Cupcake Girl.
  4. ITA with Reb. A speedy will cost more but its what i :heart: If I were i'd try 2 get a lockit so you don't have to pay retail++++
  5. ITA...I would get the lockit if you can while you can get it retail. You'll save cash in the long run. There are a lot of speedies around too so I'm sure you can get one if you want one later.
  6. ITA! Miroir prices are insane once it's out of store. Definitely get one from store if you can. Good luck!
  7. this is exactly why I shall wait for the lovely lockit to be released - I can get the speedy later.

    I say LOCKIT.
  8. ^--- I NEVER use the word "shall"

    must be rubbed off from "The Queen" I'm watching right now!
  9. I prefer the Mirior Speedy. But I'm getting the lockit since I missed out on the speedy:sad:. I hope it will be just as HOT IRL as the speedy.
  10. Miroir Speedy
  11. Lockit...it will probably be less prone to wrinkles.
  12. I would get the Miroir Speedy.