which bag do you prefer? Leather Brn Chelsea or Leather Brn Carly?

  1. Between these two bags, which do you prefer? The Chocolate Chelsea Satchel, Chocoloate Medium Carly or Lg Chocolate Hobo?

    I don't own any Carlys. I do have the Chelsea Satchel in Black and a Chelsea Hobo in Toffee. I really like these three bags though...which would you choose?

  2. Carly! Esp if you have the others in diff. colors.
  3. I like the Carly better
  4. i agree with above posts in that one should add vareity to the mix i will paraphrase kate spade her book titled style we have different moods 7 days a week why should we wear the same outfit 7 days a week
  5. I love the satchel. If you already have one though I would go for a carly.
  6. Carly
    gotta ♥ those carlys!
  7. Yeah, if you already have the other styles in other colors, I'd say go for the Carly.
  8. Here's another vote for the Carly!!!!!! Such a lovely bag!
  9. Since you have the other styles in other colors, try the Carly! If you absolutely love one of the other styles though, don't be afraid to have one style in a variety of colors.
  10. I like the satchel. Don't care for the style of the Carly.
  11. I think the satchel...
  12. Hi Ladies, So on my to the movies last night, I decided to stop off at Coach. They had the brn leathwr carly so I decided to try her on. There is something wrong with me because I'm just not into that bag. I really want to like her because pretty much EVERYONE does but I guess she is not my style...
  13. Everyone has their own taste. I don't care for wearing satchels although I love the way they look. Get what *you* like.
  14. ^^^Exactly! Everyone has "their" special style, that feels most comfortable to them and looks best on them. I also love satchels on others. They look so chic wearing them, but when I wear them, I don't feel I pull them off as well. All of the bags you've posted are TDF, so you can't go wrong w/ any of them! Just get what you love!
  15. I vote Carly, beautiful bag!!!