Which bag do you prefer: Botkier or RM?


Botkier or Rebecca Minkof: Which do ou like more?

  1. Botkier Banca

  2. Rebecca Minkoff MAM

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  1. These two bags, Botkier Bianca and Rebecca Minkoff MAM, are roughly the same size with the same holding capacity, and are more or less the same color. In other words, they are too similar for me, and I was wondering what you guys like better.

    Please tell!:yes:

  2. As usual it comes down to what you'll be using them for. The RM is good for work and the Botkier is a more casual fun bag.
  3. I like the Botkier simply because I think the color is a little prettier than the RM.
  4. I like the shape of the RM better so I voted for that!
  5. RM :tup:
  6. The RM. I think the colour of the Botkier is a little bleh.
  7. ^^^Ditto.
  8. RM. Love the shape and color. Not a fan of the poofy pockets or the flap plus zipper closing on the Botkier.
  9. I prefer the RM. I don't love this particular style of Botkier.
  10. The Botkier. I have this bag in Cherry and it's really hard to capture it's true color which is so much nicer than in any pics I've seen (even my own). I like the outer pockets for keys and phone so it's a little more functional to me.
  11. I love the RM!
  12. I like the strap lenth of the botkier but it is a tossup for me. They are both beautiful.
  13. The RM. I never liked the Botkier Bianca style (I know I'm in the minority)...I love the RM however.
  14. It IS a hard decision...I own both too (but in different colors) and would point out that the lambskin leather on the Bianca is better than the leather on my MA, so the Botkier gets my vote :smile: Plus- if you have another MA in a different color, it might be better to let go of that since you would still have another in the style, KWIM?
  15. rm. the color of the botkier is very pretty, but i prefer the design of the mam: very clean and classic, which works well with everything in your wardrobe.