Which bag do you often use in certain situations and why?

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  1. For example, what bag do you find is best for day to day use and why?, What bag do you find you turn to again and again for a night out and why?, What is your go to back for a wedding and why? or what bag would you take to an interview?

    Maybe its your LV Neverfull as a day bag because of the room, a Hermes Kelly for business, or a Chanel flap for that party.

    If you have a bag that you use again and again for the same situation, let us know what it is and what draws you back to it over and over again? :smile:
  2. Fun thread

    Daily bag: Mulberry Alexa (relaxed, hands free, lightweight) or Longchamp le Pliage
    Nights out: Gucci Disco or Stella Falabella
    Work / interview: PS1 or Bayswater
    Wedding: Diamond sparkle Lily
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    I hate carrying a lot of stuff. So big bags are out for me.
    I have other styles of bags but I love chain strap flap shoulder bags for everything! Bigger ones for day. Smaller ones for going out. Chanel & Dior are my faves. Some of these have the flexibility to be crossbody which is also a nice touch!

    The three bags I am using most often right now are:

    1) Proenza Schouler black leather small courier with combo SHW/GHW. It is a workhorse that goes with everything including whatever jewelry I want to use. I acan be super casual or dressed up in this bag.

    2) Chanel pearlized gray lambskin medium classic flap w/ RHW. I'm shocked at how this bag is perfect for all 4 seasons and it's great for day, happy hour or date night. I wish it was a bit larger (not quite jumbo) but it's so amazing I make it work.

    3) Miss Dior Sliding Chain in hot pink lamb w/SHW. I love this bag!!! It fits everything, holds its shape, and the color makes me stupid happy! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465281028.537374.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465281040.319830.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465281093.124798.jpg
  4. I do have a few bags that always seem to follow me to certain occasions;

    Longchamp Roseau Large SH tote for job interviews and meetings
    Mulberry Antony for adventure walks
    Le Pliage for work
    RM Mini MAB Side Zip or Lumi Supermarket City for meeting friends out on town
    DKNY mini crossbody for nights out
    Lumi Supermarket XXL for travel (or staying at the hospital, as it turns out)
    DvF Ready-To-Go Voyage tote for everything else

    The DvF has started to creep its way into almost every category, though - it's so chic and versatile while being somewhat laid back, fits all I need and can be cinched if I need a smaller bag. It's also very lightweight and easy to keep organized.

    Other bags just come and go according to my mood. Right now, I'm carrying my sunny weather favorite, LP Cuir in Fuchsia because there's been a chance of rain the past couple of days. But I might change for a flower print cotton bucket or a DKNY olive green canvas tote. Both of these are my "I'm 100% sure the sun won't fail me" bags. We shall see what we shall see.

  5. Wow great and love the bags!

  6. Cool :smile:
  7. I agree, I think Mulberry's are great bags for long lasting use :smile:
  8. Good question! Why do you ask, and what about you???? :graucho:

    Summer days only:
    Gucci Flora Nice tote and Leather Hearts Val Boston, McQueen V&A shopper, BV woven Cervo hobo (well any BV hobo)

    More specifically:

    Picnics and places I may have to leave my bag on grass/floor like picnics and outdoor concerts:
    Gucci vintage GG-print or Leather Hearts Boston also Liberty Hera embossed leather Boston

    Weddings and sit down dos:
    Small clutches so I can put it on the table or my lap. If I need a larger bag for 'on the way' for a second pair of shoes I'll take my Paperchase duffle and leave it in the cloaks

    Festival/outside gigs:
    Paperchase duffle and non-designer crossbody

    Gym bag:
    Burberry back-pack (it has a shoe compartment)

    Black tie/long gown:
    H or Gucci box clutch
  9. Great list, I'm just interested.

    I find I tend to use the same three mulberry bags (antony, bayswater and daria) over and over again despite having other bags as I don't need to worry about over use, weather, spillage or bag shaming and I just wondered if it was just me, or if other people were the same and had go to bags for certain things! Also interested on if there are bags I hadn't considered before :smile:
  10. I keep reaching for my big totes on weekends, like Neverfull especially, because it's the biggest of all my 3 totes, and it's being Damier is so fuss free for shopping. I choose my Speedy for when I meet with friends or just having meals outside. I could choose Neverfull as well but it's larger than Speedy and so not convenient. But all my LVs I have banned from my workplace and just wear it on weekends or holidays.

    Then I always choose my Ferragamo wallet on chains for special events like attending a peformance because there's no space for me to place a proper bag, and I never place my bags on the floor. I have many work bags that are structured or big that I rotate frequently. I hardly use these for weekends unless they are also dressy.
  11. Great, I love how different lives require different bags :smile:
  12. Thank you. 😊
  13. On my weekdays at work I only use my Tumi backpack and a wristlet wallet. We don't have offices so everyone's stuff is out in the open and I don't feel comfortable displaying my purse (regardless of brand).

    Because of that, all of my handbags have become weekender bags!

    When I'm shopping, I'll wear a crossbody.

    For running errands, I'll likely be wearing a fanny pack.

    On special occasions (evening out or wedding), I'll bring a clutch or WOC.
  14. All makes great sense :smile:
  15. My day to day is a grace satchel ... Why? Chewy leather that withstands everywhere and every weather... Mid size so not small but not carrying an elephant here...


    For events my coach Woodstock wristlet, love the turn lock, holds my phone, a few cards etc

    On a day to day basis it lives in my bag for coupon storage lol


    Finally not a bag more a wallet/wristlet but if it's a quick trip, this phone wallet/wristlet is my go-too


    There you have it, so nothing fancy and most not even designer but it's what I use regularly.