Which bag do you like GH on the most?

  1. Hi ladies! :p

    Given the choices of the City, Part-Time, Work, and Brief....which one(s) do you like Giant hardware on the most?

    I actually like GH on all of them, which is why this choice is so hard. I'm leaning towards either a PT or a Brief (I don't have either style in my collection), but I have some concerns. As a 5'2" girl with a small build, I'm worried that the longish Brief might hit me in the knees while walking since I'd be carrying it on my elbow. And the PT might look too long/wide on me. I've tried the PT on in real life and it's odd how it "folds" down the middle when it's not stuffed full....does anyone else have that problem?

    What do you all think?
    PS -- I'm hoping to score a Naturel (long shot) or Cafe.
  2. I only like the GH on the Brief myself :smile:
  3. I also like the GH best on the brief. The proportions of the GH fit it so well.
  4. I love the GH on the work - it's my favorite!!! I have the GH in the city and in the work, and I just like the balance of the GH in the work.
  5. ^^^ Def the work!! The day is starting to ware on me too, esp in vert gazon.
  6. I think it looks gorgeous on the brief except it's too big overall
  7. First Work and then PT.:yes:
  8. Day all the way!
  9. :crybaby: Just what I was afraid of -- no majority opinion! Decisions, decisions. This is so hard. (what a silly but fun problem to have though)

    I might be leaning a teeeeensy bit towards the Brief because of the unique shape. I just worry that it'll swallow me up. I already have a Work, which is actually bigger than the Brief....but in all the photos I've seen of people (celebs) carrying Briefs, they look ginormous! Maybe the flared shape makes it look bigger or something. :confused1:

    Thanks for weighing in. Keep the posts coming, please!
  10. That's a toughie! But I must say I do love my Marine Giant PT!
  11. I like it on the day:

  12. Brief for sure! I have the Giant Brief in natural and I love it. I also like the Giant Hobo
  13. white Giant Hobo & Brief.
    still in the process of getting use to the blingbling...
  14. Is this the problem you are talking about...w/the Part Time? I have the same problem, and thus I'm on the fence as to whether I want to keep mine or exchange it for a City or Work...or Brief... lol

  15. I like it best in the Brief. I'm not a huge fan of the GH, but in the brief, I actually prefer the GH over the regular hardware. The part-time is my second choice. I am 5'2" and thought the Part time looked good on me. A little large, but if I had had enough stuff to fill it up, it wouldn't have bothered me. I love the way it folds and slouches in the middle, Balenciagas aren't made to hold their shape, tey are made to bend and slouch and contour. Thats what makes them so amazing.

    I think the PT looks awesome in that pic. Love it!