Which bag do you like better?

  1. [​IMG]

    This (from eBay)

    or this (but imagine it in "PEAR" which is the color of the bag next to it)


  2. i like the first one better as it is more classy looking whereas the second one is more casual.
  3. thanks for ur opinion! i agree the first one is more classy looking but i like the green sig satchel because it's pretty funky, i don't think i will see someone i know with it.
  4. First one
  5. I like the first one better. You can match it with more stuff.
  6. first one more ~ more functional & classy. the green is cute but hard to match with stuff :smile:
  7. I agree with Ash. But, if you like it and can make it work....go for it. I have a few bags that don't go with everything. But, are really fun to wear when the occasion does arise. Buy what you love and what suits your purpose.:smile: Good luck!!!!!
  8. 3rd...I love the green! And it is unique!
  9. I like the second one in pear. I love funky/different looking bags! :smile:
  10. I also like the second one in pear. But both are lovely. The first one is more classic. The second one is more fun.
  11. I like the first one...
  12. I like the first one! I have that bag and i LOVE it. even though its a little dressier i still wear mine w/ jeans and t-shirts and it looks great!
  13. I love the first one!!!
  14. I love the second one better...in black.
  15. I like the first :yes: