which bag do you like better?

  1. bag A[​IMG]

    or Bag B

  2. Bag B for me. I'm not crazy about any of the signature stuff, but love Coach leather!

    Did you get both and need to return one? Or are you deciding to get one or the other?

    Good luck deciding!
  3. B hands down!
  4. I vote Bag A b/c I am a HUGE fan of signature Coach...they are VERY lightweight, go anywhere bags that require absolutely NO maintenance...and w/ 2 kids in tow, that is ALL I can handle!!!! LOLOL...good luck w/ your decision! Let us know which you choose...they are both beautiful and you cant go wrong w/ either one!
  5. I have bag B in brown & it's amazing! It's my first leather purchase & I'm addicted to the leather bags now! It has tons of space, with pockets galore. Plus, it's very neutral. I feel like the optic would not be as versatile.
  6. no darn it I can't get both I have to choose
    I have bag B in all black leather. I actually got it because the sand colored bag was gone when I went back to get it now there is another at a steal but I need to get it tonight if I really want it this other bag A the optic was on my need List lol but honestly it can only be one or the other.. price wise the sand bag is under 200 because its on sale and the other bag is almost 400 so arrrghhh I just don't know LOL..
  7. I like B - it's a beautiful bag! I am not a huge fan of optic signature. :nogood:
  8. I like the style of bag A, but in leather. For the price difference, I say bag B. Helpful, huh? :confused1:
  9. A) even though I don't really care for optic print.
  10. I hate having to pick just one!! I say #A because I love the handles, the thumb lock closure, and the print.
  11. My vote goes for A.
  12. Bag A.
  13. Bag A. Leather's too hard to maintain for me.
  14. B because it's a steal NOW

    A will most likely be a steal later-on.
  15. bag A...not crazy about that signature but love c's so go for it!!