which bag do you like best?

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  1. I'm trying to decide between the roses speedy or the pink graffiti speedy. which do you guys prefer, especially for those of you who have one of each?? thanks:smile:
  2. I don't own either but I prefer the roses speedy.
  3. roses
  4. I don't have either, but I like the roses more than the graffiti.
  5. Roses. Ususally I would say grafitti but I dont like the pink they use for it
  6. pink graffiti speedy
  7. for some reason the more i see the graffiti speedy, i fall in love with it more and more. :] it reminds me of the 80's and i'm secretly in love with that decade. lol
  8. I have both and love the roses more. It is more my style, but I had to have the other cause I knew I would regreat it otherwise!
  9. I have a graffiti speedy and I love it. I have the neon orange and I like the coral color of the pink speedy as well. I think the graffiti will translate well into my f/w wardrobe with lots of denim, black, grey, navy, winter white and olives.

    I also like how the graffiti print covers the entire bag. And unlike the roses, you could pair it later with a floral print without looking like you are planning to go undercover at a wedding reception.
  10. pink graffiti
  11. Roses
  12. I have neither but LOVE the roses!
  13. roses :smile:
  14. I prefer graffiti
  15. Roses!