which bag do you like best?

  1. I'm looking for a good everyday bag. I recently bought the large ergo hobo for this purpose but its just TOO big for me to use as an everyday. I haven't taken the tags off yet....thinking about an exchange. Which of these do you like better and why? TIA for your opinions....:smile:
  2. I like the tote better as I am not a shoulder bag kinda gal.
  3. I really like the Chelsea satchel!! I tried it on when it first came out and came very close to purchasing it.
    I do believe that the second one is this years version of the Ali. I own the actual Ali in this color combo and love it. That being said, I'm not as much of a fan of this version, however, I'm still going to vote for this one for 2 reasons. 1) because I love the khaki/black sig. comb and 2) it has the legacy lining which I am addicted to!!!
  4. I LOVE the legacy lining also. This would be my FIRST Legacy purchase if I decide on it. I'm just torn between the two. If I look at price alone...it doesn't make much sense to me to pay $120 more for the Legacy since they are both sig with leather trim and both about the same size.....is Legacy lining worth $120??? but....it is going to be my everyday bag and I will definitely be on a LONG ban after this...oh, dear.....need more enabling I'm afraid...:shrugs:
  5. You need to decide are you a satchel girl or a shoulder bag girl. I am a shoulder bag girl so I would choose the Legacy Shoulder Flap bag. Good luck deciding.
  6. i too have the ali in the ebony/khaki combo and i love her. she is a great everyday bag, holds all that i want. i saw this new flap at the store and she is lovely as well. had i not bought the ali back in june, this would have been the bag for me. liz is right though, you have to decide if you are a shoulder bag girl or a satchel girl. i vote for the second bag, the legacy bags are the best by far.
  7. Here's some more enabling for you!! :p
    The legacy lining is DEFINATLEY worth the extra money!!! . Every time you open your bag it will make you feel so happy!!! :happydance:
    I swear!!! I get all giddy just looking at legacy stripes!!! :blush:But I have satchels and shoulder bags and love them both...okay, here's an idea...you could get a legacy satchel, and have the best of both worlds...the color , the legacy lining and the satchel. Oh dear, I'm not helping am I? :nuts:
  8. I love them both...but I like having my hands free when I shop. You can always put the satchel over your wrist while doing that, but you may get a broken bone as a result, depending on how much you have in there! ;)

    I really love the black/khaki combo, and love the fact it fits on your shoulder so nicely. There are bags w/shorter drops that you can still wear over your shoulder, tho. I just don't think that satchel is one of them. If I had to have one for everday, it would be the legacy.
  9. I'm a shoulder bag girl but was going to wear the sachel over my shoulder since theres a good drop length. Would it be too heavy/akward to do that?

    OH....I think I'm leaning towards Legacy. (giggle) I have never bought a Legacy item before.
  10. Definitely the first one.
  11. Actually, I just looked on the website, and the satchel has a 9 in. drop, and the shoulder a 9 3/4 in. Not much diff! Maybe the legacy is adjustable...I have a chelsea shoulder hobo that has a 7-8 in. drop and I always wear it on my shoulder. It's skinnier than the satchel, but couldn't you put the satchel over your shoulder??:confused1:
  12. I tried the satchel on in my boutique yesterday and you can DEFINITELY wear it on your shoulder! It was very comfy on actually!!! VERY cute bag! My vote goes for the satchel!!!!
  13. First one!
  14. I am not a fan of the new ali, I liked the old ali though. I love that satchel and just bought it! I am waiting for it in the mail. The satchel WILL fit over the shoulder, and comfortably. I had the 06 ali and loved her, but it was kind of a pain to get in and out of the turnlock and you hardly see the stripes unless you are opening it.. but I DO love the legacy lining... definately!!! Both are beautiful.. just wanted to make the point both can go on your shoulder.. easily. Good Luck!!! :tup:
  15. Sometimes you can keep a satchel on your shoulder if the inside strap is the one bearing the weight of the bag. The shape of the bag rectagular boxy shape it's not comfortable under the arm. The shape of the shoulder flap fits better to the body and under the arm and has 4 notches for adjustment, also, the flap is long . . . . Happy Decisions!