Which bag do you like best in the Fuschia Vernis?

  1. I think Malibu Street is soooo nice. I guess its pretty much just an evening bag though, right?

    Which vernis bag do you like best? What is your fave color for vernis?
  2. I love the Roxbury Drive. My favorite vernis colors are Fuchsia, Red and Indigo. Too bad they didn't make the Fuchsia in more styles. I have a Fuchsia Sullivan Vertical, Reade MM and a cles.

    I wish LV made a Sologne style bag in vernis.
  3. The one in my avatar, I just bought it last night :yahoo: , it's also my favorite color. Then next on my list is the raspberry bedford, I think that one is TDF :love:
  4. I have a malibu street (in framboise, not fuschia though...) and it's GREAT!!! I use it as an evening bag, but I also use it to go shopping and anywhere else where I only need the essentials with me: wallet, phone, lipgoss etc.

    It is such a nice bag!!! So I vote for it lol!
  5. Bedford !:love:
  6. Which vernis bag do you like best? Bedford, Reade, PTI, cles

    What is your fave color for vernis? Fuschia in all of the above, and indigo on the cles, bedford and reade
  7. I used to have a framboise bedford, but the stiffness just wasn't working for me. So now, all I have is a fuchsia reade pm and I love that bag. It's not as big as the others, but it's a great little bag. :heart: Plus the framboise color just didn't do it for me.

    ETA: Besides fuchsia, I love the red vernis.
  8. Your pic of your mailbu street made me love it!!! I was thinking framboise not fuschsia actually. Its gorgeous!!

    BTW, you look so much like a girl Teresa that I know :smile:
  9. Thanks!! I like the Spring St alot too. Very nice!!
  10. Bedford!
  11. I'm loving the malibu street in perle, it'd be hard to keep clean but it's gorgeous !
  12. I saw the Roxbury Drive in Perle last night at South Coast. I looooved it. But the SA talked me right out of it :crybaby: he said if it got within inches of anything that could possibly transfer... it would. So I kept looking till he came up with my frange speedy and that will be my last purchase for sometime lol!
  13. I have the maple drive in perle and it's not that high maintainence, then again I don't use it too much, I always feel a little dressy wearing it
  14. My favorite vernis bags in any color are the bedford, houston and reade. They'd all be beautiful in fuchsia :smile:
  15. i like everything coz the fuschia is such a lovely colour, just brighten up the whole room.