Which bag do you go back to?

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  1. Ok, so I have a fun little question. I was wondering if anybody here has a bag they just keep going back to? Like, for example, I just bought my speedy..I like it and all but I really want to carry my Neverfull PM again...Does anyone else have this problem?
  2. I was that way w/ my Speedy actually! Until recently b/c I got a Cabby.. now I hate being w/o my cabby!
  3. i also go back to my speedy every so often!!!
  4. I'm finding lately that I'm carrying my damier papillon again, probably because I wear a lot of brown and it's getting ugly outside again.
  5. Since I have such a small collection, I love everything equally!
    I do a forced weekly rotation (lv, non lv, lv, etc.) and on non LV weeks, I sure to miss them!
  6. I usually always go back to my Speedy....
  7. on tuesdays and thursdays i carry a sportsbag cuz i have training (rugby), and then i miss my speedy! i am carrying my mono all the time now when it isn't raining, but i will use the damier again when it gets colder.
  8. Keep going back to my mono speedy!
  9. i don't have a specific bag that i always go back to, i have bags that i never go back to haha
  10. My Damier Speedy 30 is pretty much always in heavy rotation
  11. i always go back to my damier speedy 25
  12. I have a small collection....5 bags, so it's easy for me to rotate. I do feel that my mono speedy 30 is getting a little neglected though! LOL
  13. me too! i wish i had the heart to sell them- therefor making room for more goodies! but i don't, :confused1:not yet atleast.
  14. I'd have to say my Nolita. I just love the shape of it and how easily it dresses up my jeans!
  15. speedy!