which bag do you carry in the rain?

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  1. which bag would you carry in the rain? doesn't have to be chanel (ex. lv damier). if it were chanel, is it caviar? i know chanel caviar is durable and even in the rain, but is there another type of chanel leather that can withstand the rain?

    edit: eh i hope this isnt a repeated thread. sorry if it is.
  2. Well, I am truly an expert on this question...living in Seattle. My vinyl coco cabas is great, of course. Then I have my LV Lockit.
  3. Definitely caviar, w/o any problem.
  4. Caviar bag.
  5. I use non-Chanel bags in the rain - preferably LV (Damier or and old mono).
  6. An LV for sure.
  7. I carry my caviar bags in the rain with no problem!
  8. I usually carry my LV on yucky days, but I don't have any worries about either of Chanel's in the rain.
    I do it more because of my kids and their muddy feet.
  9. I use my Damier speedy for rainy days. Completely worry free. Also the LV popincourt Haut for more space. I hate to use my Chanels in the rain.
  10. I have an old Ferragamo shoulder bag, that I carry when it is pouring rain. It has similar leather to the Caviar, but it isn't as shiny. That bag looks the exact same as the day I bought it! Ferragamo makes great leather that never seems to age.
  11. you coudl always buy the new see-thru bag...ooh the naked tote! i think that's what its called. hehe
  12. no Chanel for sure.
  13. Great to hear that! I actually got my vinyl Coco Cabas yesterday and I am dying to use it, but when I got up and saw the rain I had second thoughts. I thought it might spot and leave discolorations if the water dried on it. Glad to hear it isn't so. :yes:

    By the way, I usually use something I don't care about when it's raining. Thankfully it doesn't rain much so that usually isn't a problem.
  14. more like...which bag to i hide in the rain hehe! Moving to Oregon soon so of course i have to buy caviar!
  15. I carry my caviar bags in the rain and there's never been a problem. Same with the cambon. I also carry my LV speedy in rain, snow, sleet etc - it takes just about everything.