Which bag do you always come back to?

  1. I have a number of lovely bags but always find myself using the same ones after a while. I'll buy a new bag, use it for a few months and then gravatate back to my regulars. I always come back to my Large Elispse mm:heart:, however I have a feeling that my new speedy 30 (Damier) will become a regualr. :graucho:

    What about you?:shrugs:
  2. I always come back to my Framboise Bedford. I could never get sick of that bag!
  3. ^^ I never used to like the bedford and as of late .. i'm dying for one..
  4. Speedies. No matter what.
  5. Batignolles V and H, and Speedy 30 in any of the lines i have
  6. My trusty Damier Speedy 30. I may have flashier bags, but that one always works out with just about any outfit.
  7. The tried and true Mono Speedy 30.
  8. my mono speedy 35:love:
  9. manhattan PM and good 'ol Le Fab!!!!
  10. Onatah GM! I honestly don't know how I lived without it all this time!!!:nuts:
  11. I have 3 I come back to reg .. my Alma (Damier and Mono), my large Looping, and my red Epi Noe. I have an MC Speedy, but get scared to get it "used" or dirty looking sometimes. It's funny because that is the only speedy I have when it is such an LV staple.
  12. My first LV, the Mono speedy 30.
  13. i come back to either my Monogram Speedy (because i'm still trying to get it to patina evenly :lol:) or my Damier Speedy. but i think now that my Mini Lin Speedy is here i'll be using that a lot too
  14. my speedies... all time fav
  15. I would say my lambskin rivete bag in noir ... just love all the compartments, easy to separate all my stuff and keep them organized ...
    and my damier ipanema GM comes in at a close 2nd.